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Are you  feeling overwhelmed  by the pressure of your university admissions?

Tell us if this sounds familiar:

You’ve spent hours trying to understand how the admissions process work

You feel overwhelmed just by thinking about all the items you need to prepare

You are unsure whether the activities you have right now are what your target universities are looking for

You don’t know whether to focus on your grades or your activities and essays right now

You feel intimidated by the sheer number of essays that you need to write

Your peers seem to be getting ahead, and you don’t want to fall behind

With the expert knowledge accumulated over 12 years of experience, IvyPrep is the perfect guiding hand to get you into your dream school.


of IvyPrep students received offers to at least 1 top 25 US Universities


more likely to receive offers to at least 1 Ivy League University with IvyPrep

*global average at approx 4-5%


of IvyPrep students received offers to at least 1 top 15 UK Universities


more likely to receive offers to Oxbridge with IvyPrep

*global average at approx 17%

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 [69 reviews]

What happens in a strategy session?

A consultation is your first chance to discuss your academic standing, motivations, passions, and intentions before putting together a roadmap to your dream schools:

Providing Clarity

Understanding what you need to do at every juncture to craft a winning application

Profile Analysis

Discuss the strength of your application profile and how it compares

Winning Gameplan

Understand what financial and time commitment it will take to get into a top school


 [69 reviews]

Hear it from our students

“Applying for universities can be a very exhausting and confusing process … Having [experts] to help structure your thoughts and ensure that you cover skills and experiences, and present them in a meaningful manner to the universities is invaluable …”

N.G. from NPS

Attending UCLA

“The admission process was initially really confusing … There were too many things to keep track of and I was overwhelmed. My consultants at IvyPrep have provided guidance in every single aspect of the application process … Whether you need help prioritising your activities during high school, which universities and programs to apply to, what essay topics to write about, etc, IvyPrep will definitely provide you with clarity and confidence throughout the process …”

S.P. from HCI

Attending Oxford

“My consultant was very helpful in helping me strategize the content I include in each essay to ensure that each school is able to see multiple areas I have shown interest or grown in … The consulting program definitely helped me to get into my first choice university.”

H.X. from Raffles Institution

Attending Carnegie Mellon

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Focus Areas for Improvement

This section of the report is a further analysis of your performance based on the topics tested. Understand your areas of strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan to work on targeted areas for improvements.

Develop an effective and efficient study plan while you juggle with multiple priorities as a student

Further analysis and insights on the IvyPrep proprietary online test platform to help you reach your optimal performance.

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students alike.

Received offers from Edinburgh and King’s College London

Applying for universities can be a very exhausting and confusing process, to say the least. having someone to help structure your thoughts and ensure that you cover skills and experiences, and present them in a meaningful manner to the universities is invaluable.

That is exactly what I found in IvyPrep, especially the consulants who were my co-travellers in this long journey over the past few months. I would recommend IvyPrep to anyone considering help with their college applications, in a heartbeat.