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IvyPrep Admission Chances Report™

The Admission Chances Report™ is designed to be a holistic appraisal of your current profile. Through this self-assessment report, you will know how you match up to other applicants who apply to the top US and UK universities, your strengths and weaknesses, and your personalized strategy to improve your chances. 

US & UK Admissions Strength Indicators

Based on a comprehensive assessment, this section of the report indicates your performance across key indicators that admissions officers look out for. 

An opportunity for you to analyze areas for improvement to strengthen your application. 

Our Client Advisors will go through your report and highlight areas of focus to enhance your application strength.

Planning Your Targets

This section of the report is the most crucial — your Admissions Strengths Indicator score reveals how you fare against other applicants of different tiers of US and UK universities, and the targeted areas of improvements required to increase your chances.

A plan formulated to build your current profile towards the ideal profile for your target universities. 

86% of IvyPrep students gained admission into one or more of their desired universities

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