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To author a fantasy novel; to explore the genetic markers underpinning neurodegenerative conditions; to galvanize lifelong passion in lower income communities through free and accessible music education.

Everyone grows up with a dream worth bringing to life — one that, when supported by robust tools and mechanisms, could change the world as we know it. Yet, when it comes to pursuing the very educational pathways that will see these dreams to fruition, many students make profound compromises due to the exorbitant costs involved.

At IvyPrep, we believe every student — regardless of financial background — can find success in university admissions when given the right resources and mentorship. Through LEAP, you will work closely with a Consultant matched specifically to your needs and alongside a network of over 50 specialists to propel your application to where exactly it needs to be.


Whether you are admitted to LEAP in your penultimate (Year 11 / JC1) or final year (Year 12 / JC2) of your pre-tertiary education, you will have access to all of IvyPrep’s programs, consisting of over SGD 40,000 in free support. The final coverage of your personalized LEAP package, however, will depend on your timeline and personal bandwidth leading up to the final application deadlines, as it may not be possible nor necessary to make use of all the available services, enumerated below:

Admissions Diagnostic

An honest assessment of where you stand in terms of key university admissions criteria

Headstart Program

Designed for younger students (typically those in their penultimate year of study) for the purpose of curating priorities and charting a personalized course of action leading up to their year of application

Capstone Program

Guided by a subject mentor from planning to execution, you’ll have the opportunity to carry out a unique personal project that bolsters your overall application narrative

University Admissions Consulting Program (for US and/or UK / Oxbridge universities)

Our main program, which will take you through the admissions process from the curation of a university list to the moment you hit submit

Test Preparation Program(s) (SAT, ACT, UCAT, BMAT, TSA, and more)

Learn the ins-and-outs of standardized testing and all its strategic nuances through access to our Group Classes and Private Tutoring services

Scholarship Advising Program

Understand what Singaporean and international scholarship committees are looking for and which scholarships to vie for, while receiving guidance throughout the actual application-writing process 

Who are we looking for?

To qualify for LEAP, you must

Be at least 15 years old and are yet to apply for undergraduate university admissions

Have an annual household income of SGD 110,000 or less

Possess a strong desire to study abroad in the US, UK, or both

Consistently excel in your personal, professional, and academic endeavors

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How do I apply?

Please fill out our online application form, which will require the following information:

Details of your high school or junior college’s curriculum and course load (since Year 9 / Sec 3)

Your academic grades (since Year 9 / Sec 3)

Any official standardized tests you may have completed (e.g. SAT, ACT)

All existing Honors and Activities (since Year 9 / Sec 3), accompanied by short descriptions of your accomplishments

Desired scholarship opportunities and awarding institutions (e.g. universities, government agencies, international organizations), if any

A quick write-up about you and your personal reasons for wanting to apply to universities in the US and the UK. This may be written in any style you prefer, and may include information including but not limited to your academic interests, personal passions, long-term aspirations, and preliminary university preferences (approximately 300 words)

Speak With An Advisor

With a suite of programs at your disposal, from personalized test preparation to unlimited face-to-face time with our university Consultants and Strategists, LEAP aims to begin a movement — one that will provide stellar students from various backgrounds with the confidence and know-how to strive toward their greatest higher education goals.

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