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Problem solving and critical thinking — these two skills are assumed by many to develop naturally with time and life experience. However, much of pre-tertiary education isn’t yet optimized to cultivate these facilities to their fullest especially to the extent that is expected of students at top universities.

Used by top UK universities, the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is a test for entry to a wide range of courses that is designed to assess these very abilities. With curated strategies and a practice regimen, you can hone the thinking skills needed with IvyPrep's comprehensive TSA preparation program.

Problem Solving

Critical thinking

Applying to US universities is hard. Not only do you need to excel in your academic and extracurricular pursuits to compete, you also need to navigate a maze of application decisions – where should I apply? Do I apply early decision or early action? — and write a long list of essays to questions that you may never have reflected on before.

Moreover, you may not have the necessary support to tackle this challenge effectively and punctually. If you are lucky, your school has a dedicated college counsellor. But even then you are unlikely to receive extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays. We designed our US University Admissions Consulting curriculum to help you overcome this once-in-a-lifetime challenge with a peace of mind. 

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With proven track record in both test preparation and the UK university admissions process, IvyPrep ensures that you will receive the best support and guidance possible to maximize your chances of achieving the TSA score to set you apart in your application.

Our college consulting framework is the result of a decade of empowering applicants to earn acceptance to their top-choice US universities. You will be supported by a team to receive personalized and extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays.


Access IvyPrep’s online learning platform that provides extensive resources and personalized performance analytics. Our in-person and online classes cater for any preferred learning styles.  


The TSA is one of the most widely used assessments for Oxbridge admissions. You will need to take either Section 1 and 2 or only Section 1, depending on the course you are applying for.


Our experienced instructors will help you dissect the TSA, bestow the know-how required to master the TSA and cultivate your ability to apply the practical skills the exam aims to assess.

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I was provided with a plan for learning and how my hours would be used beforehand, this gives me something to expect going into the sessions.

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