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Discovery program

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Early Preparation For Higher Education

How far can you see into your future, if at all? Does it involve pouring over files in the lead up to a big court case? Building financial models to help corporations understand the implications of their next big move? Or perhaps it entails protecting networks from cyberattacks and unauthorized access?

Discovery Program hones in on different academic and career tracks to prepare you to step into higher education. Designed by top-ranking university alumni at the forefront of their respective fields – this program will offer a hands-on and authentic glimpse into some of the world’s most pivotal domains.

Explore hundreds of industries

Real life case studies

Develop your own academic pathway

Applying to US universities is hard. Not only do you need to excel in your academic and extracurricular pursuits to compete, you also need to navigate a maze of application decisions – where should I apply? Do I apply early decision or early action? — and write a long list of essays to questions that you may never have reflected on before.

Moreover, you may not have the necessary support to tackle this challenge effectively and punctually. If you are lucky, your school has a dedicated college counsellor. But even then you are unlikely to receive extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays. We designed our US University Admissions Consulting curriculum to help you overcome this once-in-a-lifetime challenge with a peace of mind. 

Discovery Program Booklet

The Support You Will Receive

  • First-hand case studies on how our Strategists have overcome some of their own challenges
  • Acquire insider exposure and knowledge of your prospective academic and career fields
  • Understand your own possible academic and career pathways and make informed decisions


Discover Your Inclinations

If there were ever a perfect moment to begin exploring the world’s burgeoning industries and the breadth of roles they have to offer, it would most certainly be now; when your threshold for learning is highest and the pathways ahead are endless.

Far from locking yourself into a set academic and career trajectory, knowing what’s out there will empower you to take full advantage of the opportunities ahead of you and make informed decisions for your academic and career pathways.

Our college consulting framework is the result of a decade of empowering applicants to earn acceptance to their top-choice US universities. You will be supported by a team to receive personalized and extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays.


Hear how our Strategists have overcome some of their own challenges that will better help you to prepare effectively to achieve your own educational and career targets.


Acquire early exposure and knowledge of your prospective academic and career fields.


Develop an understanding of your own possible academic and career pathways.


With practical insights from strategists, you can make informed decisions on your academic and career pathways, and how to best reach them.

What our students say

S. C.

IvyPrep teachers explained concepts clearly and effectively and supported a positive learning environment. They also provided past papers and score reports to aid in our learning. Overall, I will recommend IvyPrep to my juniors and friends.

Session coverage

Guided Mentorship

The exposure you’ll receive through each interaction with professionals in different fields will open your eyes to the opportunities your future has in store. 

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All consulting packages include:

Proprietary IvyPrep supplement essay writing guides

Timeline management for submission deadlines

Flat rate top-up for additional applications

Post meeting summaries