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  • The IvyPrep Difference
  • Your gateway to endless opportunities
  • With over a decade of experience helping hundreds of students across the globe, our time-tested college application and test preparation curriculum have given students of every kind the structure and guidance needed to achieve their aspirations.
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Discover Your Truest Potential with IvyPrep

Your Gateway to Endless Opportunities

With over a decade of experience helping hundreds of students across the globe, IvyPrep’s time-tested college application curriculum and rigorous test preparation strategies have given students of every kind the structure and guidance needed to achieve their aspirations. Join our students to discover the infinite possibilities that lie ahead of you.

Trusted by parents and

students alike.

M.W. Raffles Institution

IvyPrep provides outstanding resources and professional guidance to optimize my application. It has made applying to universities a clearer and easier process.

IvyPrep’s Story

Imparting our experience to the next generation

IvyPrep was founded by a group of Ivy League graduates over a decade ago. Having had to navigate the complex application process while managing academic demands, we understand the challenges and journey every aspiring applicant has to go through.  

With the support of former admissions officers, Ivy League and Oxbridge alumni, IvyPrep has accumulated years of knowledge and insights to guide students through every step of the application process — breaking down the complexity involved and equipping students with the tools and confidence to maximize their potential.

We believe that helping our students achieve self-alignment and authenticity in their pursuits are highly important for long-term success. With specialists and mentors from a wide range of academic and career backgrounds, our students can gain practical perspectives and make informed decisions as they chart their future with IvyPrep.

Our Team Approach

Beat the competition

At IvyPrep, you will work with a personal team of specialists to build a holistic and strong application. Collaborating closely with a dedicated university consultant matched specifically to your needs, you will also work alongside a dynamic team of specialists, mentors, editors and instructors to equip you in putting your best foot forward for application success.

IvyPrep team

A dedicated Team To Journey With You

At IvyPrep, we work as a village to support and care for our students — you can trust that you will be well taken care of by our dedicated team throughout your IvyPrep journey and to rise above this once-in a lifetime challenge with clarity and peace of mind.

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IvyPrep Specialists

A collective of distinguished talents

You deserve only the best, hence our 60+ Specialists are all graduates from the best of schools. As they have successfully navigated the application process themselves, you will have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and firsthand insights. Here are some of them:

IvyPrep Enablers

Tools We Use to Propel Your Performance

Diagnostic reports

Various reports to measure your performance along key milestones in your application journey, and used as basis for implementing all developmental strategies.

E-learning System

Digital test, score tracking system and analytics to ensure that you are always on track and to provide you with immediate feedback on your performance.

Resource Database

College and course selection tools for top US and UK universities to guide decision making, and comprehensive test bank to serve all your test preparation needs.

expert Network

A network of experts in our system that you can leverage on to provide you with targeted advice and guidance on specific needs / areas to strengthen your application.

Dedicated To Growth

Partners IvyPrep Has Worked With

IvyPrep Singapore has worked with international and local school partners to deliver educational and preparatory programs catered to ages 14–18, delivered by our consultants and strategists from top US and UK universities.

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Do you know an excellent student?

A scholarship… from IvyPrep?

Yes, that’s right. Many students make profound compromises to the pursuit of their dreams due to the exorbitant costs involved. At IvyPrep, we believe that no cost should come between the waves of impact you stand to create and the university experience at top universities that will allow you to do so.

IvyPrep’s Leaders of Equal Access Program (LEAP) — our scholarship program for aspiring lifelong learners — grants excellent students from less financially privileged backgrounds free and unlimited access to IvyPrep’s full suite of university preparation and consulting programs. You will be provided all the support and resources you need to propel your application to exactly where it needs to be.