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U.K. University Admissions Requirements

Understanding the Admissions Process

What are top universities looking for?

Universities in the U.K. are looking for highly motivated students who can thrive in a rigorous, self-directed learning environment. They want to see that you are deeply interested in the course of study that you intend to pursue at university, and that you have engaged meaningfully with the subject in and outside of the classroom.


Academic Requirements

Final Year GradesIB; or A-Levels; or APs / SATs; or GPA.
Reference LetterYou will need one teacher recommendation that speaks to your academic abilities. This would ideally be someone who has taught you recently (JC1 or JC2).
Academic HonorsApplications require accomplishments that are academic in nature (eg: Honor Roll/ Olympiads/ Research Experiences).
TestingSome courses (Law/Medicine/ Courses at Oxbridge) will require special admissions tests like the LNAT or BMAT / UCAT.


Non-Academic Requirements

Extracurricular AccomplishmentsThis demonstrates to universities that you are a well-rounded individual. Ideally these extra-curriculars will also substantiate your demonstrated interest in your intended course of study at university.
UCAS Personal Statement This is a short essay of roughly 500 words. This essay will require you to state your intended course of study at university, why you wish to pursue this interest, and how you have already meaningfully engaged with this subject previously.