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U.K. Medical School Timeline

Your Application Timeline

What is my timeline for medical school?

Before Year of ApplicationFocus on achieving your A-Level/IB Target Scores.

Source and participate in internships/research placements/volunteering to demonstrate your interest in medicine.
Spring of Year of ApplicationNarrow down your school choices.

Determine whether you need to take the BMAT or the UCAT, or both, and when.

Start brainstorming ideas for your UCAS Personal Statement.
July 2020UCAT Test Season begins.

Finalize your school choices.
August 2020First BMAT Test Date.
September 2020UCAS Application opens.

UCAT Applications close.
October 2020Second BMAT Test Date.

UCAS Medical School Applications close on October 15.

Last UCAT Test Dates.
November 2020BMAT Test Results released.
November 2020 to March 2021 (approximately)Medical School Interviews and Offers.