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Cambridge vs Oxford

Deciding between Cambridge and Oxford

Oxbridge Admissions

You can only apply to either Cambridge or Oxford University in an application year – you cannot apply to both.


Both Universities are world-renowned in their calibre of teaching, research and student life. The primary difference between the two Universities will ultimately boil down to what you want to study at university.


Key differences in course offerings for both Universities are below for your reference:

 Cambridge UniversityOxford University
EconomicsOffers a pure Economics course and a hybrid Land Economy course.Does not offer pure Economics – students can take hybrid courses like Economics and Management, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) or History and Economics.
LawDoes not require the LNAT – however, students will have to take the Cambridge Law Test.

Courses tend to be more practical in nature.
All undergraduate students applying to read Law must take the LNAT.

Courses tend to be more theoretical in nature.
Natural SciencesStudents cannot immediately focus on specific field. Instead, they study a broad-based Natural Sciences curriculum before specializing in concentrations like Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science etc.Students can choose to directly pursue a concentration within the Natural Sciences– i.e Physics, Chemistry etc.
Computer ScienceOffers Computer Science course.

Does not offer hybrid or interdisciplinary courses within Computer Science.
Offers Computer Science course.

Also offers interdisciplinary courses like Computer Science and Philosophy, and Computer Science and Mathematics.

To see a full list of Cambridge University’s undergraduate course offerings, please click here.


To see a full list of Oxford University’s undergraduate course offerings, please click here.


Important Dates

Cambridge University Application Deadlines

The Cambridge UCAS application and the Cambridge-specific supplement (COPA) are due on September 20, 2020 if you wish to be interviewed in Singapore.


If you wish to be interviewed at Cambridge, the deadline for submission of the UCAS October 15, 2020.

Oxford University Application Deadlines

The Oxford UCAS application is due October 15, 2020.


Interviews for short-listed candidates will be held between 1 – 20 December, 2020 at Oxford.


Admissions Tests and Interviews

Both Cambridge and Oxford University require students to undertake admissions tests and interview prior to making a decision on their applications.


The interviews are typically content-based and test a student’s ability to critically engage with key debates and questions in their field of study.


The Admissions Tests vary between the two Universities. Each course will have a different Admissions Test requirement that you will need to prepare for. Admissions Test requirements for common courses are here:

CourseCambridge UniversityOxford University
LawCambridge Law TestLNAT
MathematicsSixth Term Examination Paper (STEP)Mathematics Assessment Test (MAT)
MedicineBiological Admissions Test (BMAT)Biological Admissions Test (BMAT)