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U.K. University Application

Applying to Universities in the U.K.

How do I apply to U.K. universities?

Most applications to universities to the U.K are submitted through the Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS), which is a U.K.-based organisation who is responsible for operating and managing the application process for higher education courses in the U.K. Most university courses are applicable through the UCAS portal but there are a select few courses within each university which require direct applications to the university itself.


Here is the complete list of colleges that use the UCAS portal.


You can create a UCAS account here.

Which courses should I apply to?

Five UCAS CoursesYou can apply to a maximum of five courses on your UCAS application.

This means that you can apply to five different courses at only one university or college, or a different course at five different universities.
Exceptions• Oxford University and Cambridge University which will only accept one application to one course of study.

• Courses in the veterinary science, medicine or dentistry fields which limit you to four courses on the UCAS, instead of the usual five.


Deciding on a course of study

There are over 50,000 undergraduate courses at more than 395 providers in the U.K., so it’s important you do your research. What would you like to study? What would you like to achieve after university? Is being located in central London important to you? These are some important questions to ask as you decide which course to apply to at university. To learn more:


  • Look at the UCAS subject guides to understand what the different subject areas have to offer – including graduate destinations, entry requirements, and personal statement tips.


  • Browse the UCAS search tool for inspiration on the types of courses you can study – you can use the subject filters to narrow your search.