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The IvyPrep U.K. University Consulting Framework is designed by Singaporean Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates. Our in-house framework and notes are specially crafted to help you attain admissions success. We have extensive experience in helping our clients gain admission into the top U.K. Universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge and LSE. With us in your corner, crafting a world-class UCAS application has never been easier.

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Utilizing their notable experience and insight into university applications, IvyPrep’s team of admissions consultants are an invaluable resource to help you apply to the world’s top universities. Our consultants are all experienced insiders, who have not only gained entrance to some of the world’s most competitive universities, but have also previously served as Singapore-based Ivy League and Oxbridge alumni interviewers. Having worked with successful applicants from every major high school in Singapore and around Southeast Asia, we have a clear understanding of what the admissions teams at top U.K. universities are looking for when they recruit students from Asia.

Stage #1: Application Strategy

The first stage of our application consulting framework involves a
detailed analysis of your profile, including an honest assessment
of your strengths, weaknesses, and possible areas of improvement.


We will advise you on key application issues like your academic
portfolio, key extracurricular activities relevant to your course of
study, research work, and coursework research.


By determining your current strengths and identifying possible
weaknesses in your candidacy that can be immediately addressed
with steps, we will help you develop a highly-compelling application

Candidate Profile Analysis
Formulating Your Winning Application Strategy
#1 Academic & Research Profiling

✓ Academic Accomplishments
✓ Research/Coursework Experiences
#2 Strength & Weakness Analysis

✓ Determining Strengths & Weaknesses
✓ Application Strategy
✓ Profile Direction
✓ Improving Your Candidacy
#3 Reference Letters

✓ Intro to U.K. Reference Letter

Stage #2: Application Essays

A masterfully-written UCAS Personal Statement is the backbone of every
winning U.K. application. Through a series of one-on-one consulting sessions,
we will identify the key experiences of your school life, and turn them into
compelling prose. These essays will showcase your distinct perspectives on key
contemporary debate issues within your course of study, and, more importantly,
highlight the sophistication of thought that you bring to the discussion of these
complex issues. In the context of your overall application, your UCAS Personal
Statement will strategically accentuate every outstanding attribute of your
application candidacy.


During the brainstorming and outlining stages, our expert guidance will help
you set clear direction and purpose for each of your essays, saving you valuable
time and effort, and helping you circumvent the most common and the most fatal
of errors in application essay writing. In the writing and editing stages, we will
zoom into the finer aspects of your writing, including grammar, sentence structure,
diction, paragraph flow, and the overall professional academic tone expected by
top British universities. In the polishing stage, we will add the final glosses to your
Personal Statement to make it more memorable, distinct, and altogether impressive.

Application Essays
Brainstorming, Outlining, Writing, Editing & Polishing
#1 Research

✓ What Admissions Committees Look for
✓ Research on Content and Structure of Proposed Course of Study
#2 Writing the Personal Statement

✓ Intro to UCAS Personal Statement (600 words)
✓ Brainstorming & Outlining Ideas
✓ Comprehensive Editing

Stage #3: Post-Application

Admissions interviews are the final component of your application. Using
question sets that have been intelligently-sourced from previous applicants to
your selected universities, we will ensure that you are comprehensively prepared
for your university interviews. You will enter your interview rounds with perfect
confidence that your university research is holistic and that your prepared
interview responses have been fully refined.


Our work ends only when you have received all the admissions results. If
applicable, we will help you confidently navigate the waitlist stage. When
the finalized list of universities in front of you, we provide honest and
objective advice for students who need to choose from a full list of world-
class universities. If desired, we will further assist you as you compete for
highly-prestigious scholarships for undergraduate study offered by top-tier
governmental or private organizations.

Application Submission
Final Checks
#1 Final Checks

✓ Final Edits on UCAS Personal Statement
✓ Final Checks on UCAS Application Form
#2 COPA Form
(Only for Cambridge University Applicants)

✓ Completing the COPA Essays
✓ Comprehensive COPA Essay Editing

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Course Features

World-Class Editing by Skilled Writers

Admissions success for U.K. universities is never random. At IvyPrep, you will receive detailed help on your application profiling, UCAS Personal Statement brainstorming and writing, and securing an outstanding reference letter. Your application work is constantly reviewed and refined by a set of two consultants. With two expert writers working closely with you at every step of the way, we’ll make sure your application essays are perfected before you hit the “Submit” button.


The IvyPrep U.K. university admissions consultants are seasoned professional writers, each with years of writing experience. As published authors of academic journals, editors of university newspapers, and writers at international news agencies, we are in an ideal position to advise you on how best to structure your UCAS Personal Statement and cogently articulate your strengths.

Our Outstanding Record in Oxbridge Admissions

This past application cycle, 364 Singaporean students competed for places at Oxford (19% success rate), and 479 applicants from Singapore applied to Cambridge (15% success rate).

To beat the admissions odds, applicants must learn to better differentiate themselves in their application profile through their UCAS Personal Statement and Reference Letter. At IvyPrep, we work heavily and almost exclusively with Singapore-based applicants. Having worked with successful applicants from every major high school in Singapore and around Southeast Asia, we have a clear understanding of what the admissions teams at top U.K. universities are looking for when they recruit students from Asia.

Hear what our students have to say


“Useful advice and kind support”

Thank you very much for your help in my UCAS application. I recently got an offer from Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. I really appreciate your useful advice and kind support….thank you again, sir, for the editing, and for your help in my UCAS application. It’s been an honour.


– Z. Chen, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Attending Cambridge University – Economics

“Unconditional offer by Oxford.”

Marvelous news: I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been made an unconditional offer by Oxford. Many thanks for working with me over the past 6 months!


– L. Pan, Raffles Institution
Attending Oxford University – Economics & Management

“More Incisive Language”

(Working with IvyPrep has helped me in) revealing more about my personality and sharpening the language of the essay…the reflection (in my UCAS statement) is now more incisive!


– A. Seow, Raffles Institution
Attending Oxford University – Law

“Truly insightful and very useful”

Thanks for the well wishes! The admissions applications went well. I’ve been accepted into Queen’s College for Law. I would really like to thank you for all the help. It was truly insightful and very useful.


– N. Koh , Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Attending Cambridge University – Law

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