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SAT Subject Tests – University Requirements

University Admission Requirements

Do I need to take the SAT Subject Tests?

Schools have four overarching policies towards the SAT Subject Tests: required, recommended, considered and alternative.

RequiredRequired means you have to take the SAT Subject Tests. Sometimes, colleges will accept the ACT in lieu of the Subject Tests. The more selective colleges typically require at least two Subject Tests. Some majors (like Engineering) might require particular subject combinations in your tests.
RecommendedThis allows you to decide whether you want send schools your SAT Subject Tests or not. If your scores are low, you might be better served not sending them. However, most colleges will likely appreciate that you went an extra step in taking the tests.
ConsideredThese colleges do not expect your SAT Subject Test scores, but they will factor them in if you decide to send them. If you have a strong score in a Subject Test that you have a real interest in, or one that is connected to your future academic goals, then sending it in may boost your application.
AlternativeSome schools have unique policies on standardised testing, meaning that they do not require Subject Tests, or in some cases, even the SAT or the ACT. This means that they will use other factors like your final grades to assess your academic ability.

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