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SAT Subject Tests – Overview

An Overview of the SAT Subject Tests

What are the SAT Subject Tests?

The SAT II Subject Tests allow students to demonstrate their grasp of specific subjects. The subjects offered are Mathematics, Languages, Sciences History and Literature.


Each test is an hour long and is scored between 200 – 800. The content covered generally corresponds with high school coursework. Students are advised to take the Subject Tests in the subjects that they are most comfortable with in the final year of high school when they are most familiar with the content.

Who requires the SAT Subject Tests?

Most top-tier universities require at least two SAT Subject Tests in admissions. Even in colleges do not require the Subject Tests for admissions, often students can use their Subject Test results for college credit, or to substitute certain college subject requirements.


In general, it is advisable to check with each college you are applying to in order to determine whether or not you need to take the Tests – as a rule of thumb, it is better to “have and not need, than need and not have” the Subject Tests.


To find out more about whether you need to take the Subject Tests or not, please click here.

What subjects can I take?

Students can take Subject Tests in any of the following areas:

SubjectNo. of Questions
Mathematics 150
Mathematics 250
French with ListeningApprox. 85
German with ListeningApprox. 85
Spanish with ListeningApprox. 85
Modern Hebrew85
Italian80 - 85
Latin70 - 75
Chinese with Listening70 - 75
Japanese with Listening80
Korean with Listening80
Biology Ecological80
Biology Molecular80
US History90
World History95
LiteratureApprox. 60