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US Admissions Consulting

Your gateway to Top US universities.

Navigating US university admissions involves excelling academically, juggling extracurriculars, and crafting essays. Our US consulting program leverages firsthand insights and data-based expertise to help students secure spots at top universities.

received offers to at least one top 25 US University
students coached for SAT, ACT, BMAT, UCAT, TSA exams
approx more likely to receive offers to at least one Ivy League university with IvyPrep

Global average at approx 4 – 5%

majors applied for across humanities, social sciences, and engineering

Key Benefits

Tailored For You

Streamline your university and course selection process, based on your personal preferences as well as alignment with optimal application strategies.

Profile Building

Craft your application profile, incorporating relevant personal insights and accomplishments to maximize impact on your target university and course.

Presenting Your Best

Understand the best ways to present your US candidacy — by accentuating your strengths and addressing any weaknesses.

Essay Support

Gain access to comprehensive and unlimited support for your personal essays.

Our Results

Here is a quick breakdown of how IvyPrep students performed against their peers in the 2022/2023 application cycle.

Learn more about our results

US Admissions Consulting, at a glance


Establishing actionable benchmarks for achieving your goals while tailoring the program to your individual abilities, experiences and preferences.

Reflecting on the depth and breadth of your academic and extracurricular profile, and identifying activities that best showcase your personal merit.

Harnessing IvyPrep’s in-depth, insider resources to research prospective universities and majors. Formulating a strategic university list that accounts for student ‘fit’.

Articulating your core application messages confidently, clearly, and concisely. Crafting compelling narratives based on personal experience.


Working to leverage the power of the personal essay in the application in tandem with Phase 1 personal insights and central themes. The goal? Telling your story properly and evocatively to boost admissions chances.

Recognizing diverse supplement essay prompts and grasping their strategic objectives to craft stylized and polished responses, both to common supplements and to school-specific essays.

Devising a plan to ensure these recommendations are as effective as possible.

Obtaining detailed feedback from from specialist consultants, strategists and essay editors before submitting applications, during both EA / ED and RD cycles.

Learning the role of interviews in holistic admissions, internalizing best practices, avoiding common mistakes, and building your confidence and interpersonal engagement skills to impress your interviewer.

Meet your team

Petra Phang

BA University of Pennsylvania
JD University of Melbourne

Alexander Nehmzow

BA Yale University
MSc University College London

Robbie Short

BA Yale University

Hui Qin Chan

BA Monash University
MA University of Melbourne

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