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UK Admissions Consulting

Your gateway to Top UK Universities.

IvyPrep’s UK team, highly versed in the intricacies of Oxbridge and UCAS admissions, provides detailed, strategic and continuously updated insight into what top UK institutions are looking for. The aim is to craft focused and substantive applications to impress even the most academically rigorous UK schools.

received offers to at least one top 15 UK University
students coached for SAT, ACT, BMAT, UCAT, TSA exams
approx more likely to receive offers to Oxbridge with IvyPrep
of IvyPrep students received Oxbridge offers in 2024

Global average at 17%

Key Benefits

Tailored For You

Streamline your university and course selection process, based on your personal preferences as well as alignment with optimal UCAS application strategies.

Profile Building

Tell your story and craft your UCAS application profile, incorporating relevant personal insights and accomplishments to maximize impact on your target university and course.

Presenting Your Best

Learn the best ways to present your UK candidacy — by accentuating your strengths and addressing any weaknesses.

Further Support

If you are applying to study Medicine or pursuing a degree at Oxbridge, additional support with recomended subject-related reading, additional essays (if any) and guidance on formulating your personal interview strategy will be provided.

Our Results

Here is a quick breakdown of how IvyPrep students performed against their peers in the 2022/2023 application cycle.

Learn more about our results

UK Admissions Consulting, at a glance


Identifying key milestones in your Oxbridge/UCAS application process.

Curating personal stories based on the values and characteristics you want to showcase and aligning these insights with your activities and target course.

Exploring UCAS specific requirements, as well as courses across universities, and recognizing the strategic significance of this process in selecting reach and safety options.

Reflecting on the strength, depth and breadth of your academic and extracurricular profile. Identifying academic specialisations, as well as activities that showcase your interest and your suitability for your courses of choice.


Understanding the personal statement’s role, choosing academically-inclined themes, and mastering the structure and key components needed to craft content-rich, intellectually impressive personal statements.

Having already collated themes and personal stories, starting to coherently detail your academic and extracurricular story in accordance with the UCAS personal statement requirements, and with what top UK schools are looking for.

Reviewing details of UCAS application, making sure there are no mistakes in course selection, grammar, or in any of the other features of the documentation to be submitted.

Meet your team

Isaac Ong

BA University of Cambridge

Rory D’ Angelo

BA Oxford University

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