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Get a headstart on the competition.

Our Headstart program is all about building a personal brand, and creating a personalized plan in preparation for your university application, before your cycle even starts. Start early. Let’s set you apart from the competition. We have a multi-phase system to help you out.

Key Benefits

US/UK Slant

Profiles will be customised based on your preference for a US or UK application. US-oriented profiles will focus on demonstrating personal traits like leadership, service and creativity. UK-oriented profiles will place an emphasis on academic exploration and growth. It is also possible to opt for both.

Longitudinal profile development

We keep track of your academic and extracurricular progress and provide input on key decisions like subject choices, choosing and optimising extracurriculars.

Parent Check-Ins

Three check-ins spaced out throughout the program(after Brainstorm, Execution 2, Mentor 2)

Headstart, at a glance

Phase 1: Strategy

  • Individualise the programme ahead to your abilities and preferences
  • Narrow down potential course and universities based on your aspirations and abilities, and understand their requirements
  • Orient your academics and extracurriculars towards your dream courses and universities

Phase 2: Finding Your Standout Factor

Generate a profile-building blueprint based on your resources, interests and aspirations involving potential opportunities in social causes, independent projects, and pre-industry experience.

  • Gain inspiration from a mentor we match with you based on your unique background
  • Identify perspectives for reflection and further exploration

Finalise your blueprint including implementation timelines, contingency and collaboration planning.

  • Assess progress to overcome hurdles and replicate initial successes
  • Cultivate your standout factor – add a personal initiative to an existing internship or community service commitment, find ways to combine seemingly unrelated interests

Polish up your profile and evaluate it with respect to your initial objectives.

  • Obtain actionable insights from a domain expert on your trajectory of growth
  • Gain inspiration on how your profile sits within the larger picture

Get equipped with ideas and strategies to continue driving your journey in the long-term.

Phase 3: Consolidation

  • Reflect on your takeaways, preferences and aspirations
  • Strategise your academic journey and orient your profile

End your programme with a bang, presenting the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired to your parents and mentors.

Meet your team

Isaac Ong

BA University of Cambridge

Hui Qin Chan

BA Monash University
MA University of Melbourne

Robbie Short

BA Yale University

Rory D’ Angelo

BA Oxford University

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