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Discover your future career and academic pathways.

Discovery is the first step toward your bright future, developed to help you find direction and confidence as you first navigate your academic and career interests. Engage with professionals from a variety of different backgrounds to learn about the different academic and career tracks available to you in university and beyond.

Key Benefits

Longitudinal profile development

We keep track of your academic and extracurricular progress and provide input on key decisions like subject choices, choosing and optimising extracurriculars.

Parent Check-Ins

Three check-in sessions spaced out throughout the program. They usually take place after Brainstorming, the second Execution stage, and after meeting a Mentor.

Discovery, at a glance

Phase 1: Exploration

  • Individualize the programme ahead to your abilities and preferences
  • Take stock of your academics, extracurriculars and hobbies to identify standout factors and gaps
  • Start the conversation on university admissions by identifying suitable course and their requirements
  • Understand your key strengths based on perspectives from your friends and family, and our in-house profiling tools

Key Concepts and Academic Pathways

  • Get exposed to core concepts in the chosen field through case studies and discussions
  • Understand what professionals do on a day-to-day basis, and the university courses that prepare you to enter this field

Career Opportunities and Trends

  • Appreciate the range of career paths available in this field, and reflect on areas of interest
  • Engage in discussions on larger issues in the industry including innovation, policy, and upcoming challenges

Skills and Extra-Curricular Exposure

  • Gain a framework that enables you to continue driving your interest forward, incorporating learning resources with practical experience

Repeat Career Exploration Sessions 1-3 with a second Career Domain of choice.

  • Reflect on the domains you covered and pen down your takeaways, preferences and aspirations
  • Strategise your academic journey and orient your profile”

Phase 2: Skills Development

Generate insightful perspectives on your own profile and academic topics of interest.

  • Finetune your ability to write with clarity and conviction
  • Acquire crucial skills to create compelling application essays

  • Understand how to speak with impact, using the finer points of intonation, emphasis and cadence
  • Present your interests, achievements and aspirations confidently

Phase 3: Reflections

  • Consolidate and present your takeaways from the programme to your parents and mentors
  • Revisit your goals and plan, concretising a blueprint for university admissions

Meet your team

Isaac Ong

BA University of Cambridge

Hui Qin Chan

BA Monash University
MA University of Melbourne

Robbie Short

BA Yale University

Rory D’ Angelo

BA Oxford University

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