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Public speaking skills program

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Effective communication skills

Speak, Shine, and succeed

Effective communication skills and a clear sense of passion. 

Nowhere is this masterful combination embodied more clearly than in the world of public speaking, where individuals, having undergone hours of training, grow empowered to speak out on the topics that matter most to them.

Spearheaded by one of Singapore's top debate coaches, the Public Speaking curriculum will set you up for success in well-known competition circuits, as well as equipping you with the transferable oration skills to ace the following:

Upcoming interviews


Networking opportunities

Applying to US universities is hard. Not only do you need to excel in your academic and extracurricular pursuits to compete, you also need to navigate a maze of application decisions – where should I apply? Do I apply early decision or early action? — and write a long list of essays to questions that you may never have reflected on before.

Moreover, you may not have the necessary support to tackle this challenge effectively and punctually. If you are lucky, your school has a dedicated college counsellor. But even then you are unlikely to receive extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays. We designed our US University Admissions Consulting curriculum to help you overcome this once-in-a-lifetime challenge with a peace of mind. 

IvyPrep Approach

Engage Your Audience

In this program, you will learn to master the use of linguistics and rhetoric to craft compelling narratives which will resonate with audiences. These methods will allow you to be a strong advocate through the conveying of effective messages and calls to action.

You will be trained for the arena of wits and words through competitive oratory challenges. The pressure of live audiences and timed speeches forge stronger speakers who are ready for any speaking occasion.

Our college consulting framework is the result of a decade of empowering applicants to earn acceptance to their top-choice US universities. You will be supported by a team to receive personalized and extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays.


Learn to connect with audiences through the mastery of spoken language and articulation.


Become accustomed to dealing with all audience sizes and speaking situations.


Build the skillset needed to send strong messages to spread awareness and compel action.

IvyPrep’s Test Preparation System

Track Your Progress And Improve Your Scores

Empowering you with greater autonomy with an online learning platform that identifies your areas for improvement and recommends areas of focus to achieve tangible results.

Program coverage

One-on-one Coaching

You will be mentally and psychologically prepared for the myriad pressure cooker speaking situations, ranging from presentations and interviews to the legal and political arenas.

Program coverage

What our students say

S. C.

IvyPrep teachers explained concepts clearly and effectively and supported a positive learning environment. They also provided past papers and score reports to aid in our learning. Overall, I will recommend IvyPrep to my juniors and friends.

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All packages include:

Email support with your consultant

Pre-session tasks and post-meeting summaries

Access to take-home tools and resources for practice

Top-ups for additional sessions available