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Master the power of the spoken word

So what exactly does it take to stand out within this community of dedicated orators? More than eloquent words thrown haphazardly at unwitting opponents, debate is a true test of first-rate intelligence. Not only are you required to argue your side of the story, but also to predict and refute the other — a level of critical thinking that simply isn’t covered in school curricula.

Masterminded by one of Singapore's top debate coaches, our Debate and Reasoning program will grant you both the analytical prowess and rhetorical flair you’ll need to thrive in local competition circuits and beyond. Even more importantly, the cutting-edge research strategies and communication tactics you’ll develop are the very skills required to thrive on college campuses, professional spaces, and beyond.

Applying to US universities is hard. Not only do you need to excel in your academic and extracurricular pursuits to compete, you also need to navigate a maze of application decisions – where should I apply? Do I apply early decision or early action? — and write a long list of essays to questions that you may never have reflected on before.

Moreover, you may not have the necessary support to tackle this challenge effectively and punctually. If you are lucky, your school has a dedicated college counsellor. But even then you are unlikely to receive extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays. We designed our US University Admissions Consulting curriculum to help you overcome this once-in-a-lifetime challenge with a peace of mind. 

IvyPrep Approach

Master Logical Reasoning

Under the guidance of experienced debate and oratory coaches, you will develop your ability to persuade and convince through the power of logic and reason. Using training techniques from successful debate programmes such as the Harvard Debate Team, you will be trained to cast a critical eye to the issues of the deal and learn to view controversial topics through different perspectives.

The Debate and Reasoning Skills Program exposes you to the crucible of a demanding public audience, the passioned opposition of your opponents and the relentless pressure of time. You will learn to overcome these challenges and grow into a confident and eloquent orator.

Our college consulting framework is the result of a decade of empowering applicants to earn acceptance to their top-choice US universities. You will be supported by a team to receive personalized and extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays.

Think like a university student

Our experienced instructors will help you dissect the TSA’s two main pillars — critical thinking and problem solving while illuminating their future use cases for the puzzles and challenges life may send your way.


You will get access to a e-learning system with hundreds of authentic practice questions. Personalized feedback reports will help you focus your revision on topics that you need the most help with.


The TSA is one of the most widely used admissions assessments in the UK. You will need to take either Section 1 and 2 or only Section 1, depending on the course you are applying for.

Program coverage

One-on-one Coaching

Master the power of the spoken word as you learn and apply rhetorical skills to audiences young and old. You will learn how linguistics affects persuasion at deep seated psychological and emotive levels.

Program coverage

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