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The ACT (American College Test) is just as recognized by US universities as the SAT and is used as a measure to compare students. While both tests include English and Math, the ACT also includes a Science section.

In our experience working with hundreds of students of varying ability levels, we guide them to evaluate where their natural abilities lie to determine if ACT is the right test for them and help to work through three key challenges of taking the ACT:

Digital test

As the ACT is administered on a computer, no scribbling, annotating and highlighting are allowed on question papers. We help our students become familiar with questions styles to tackle them effectively. 


The ACT assesses advanced verbal and mathematical concepts, and expects students to answer them in relatively short amount of time. Imparting the requisite knowledge and appropriate strategy will enable our students to approach the test with confidence.  


IvyPrep guides students in setting clear target ACT scores  based on their target universities. With these goals in mind, our Instructor works closely with the student to ensure the required preparation is put in place to achieve them.

Applying to US universities is hard. Not only do you need to excel in your academic and extracurricular pursuits to compete, you also need to navigate a maze of application decisions – where should I apply? Do I apply early decision or early action? — and write a long list of essays to questions that you may never have reflected on before.

Moreover, you may not have the necessary support to tackle this challenge effectively and punctually. If you are lucky, your school has a dedicated college counsellor. But even then you are unlikely to receive extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays. We designed our US University Admissions Consulting curriculum to help you overcome this once-in-a-lifetime challenge with a peace of mind. 

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The Support You Will Receive

  • Improve your score with our effective curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Develop your mastery to tackle even the most complex questions with our experts’ guidance.
  • Propel your performance with our extensive bank of practice tests and homework library.

Personalized Learning

achieve Tangible Improvements

IvyPrep’s curriculum is continuously refined by subject-matter experts. With a decade of experience, you will be guided by a core of common principles that will help you achieve your target score. 

Our college consulting framework is the result of a decade of empowering applicants to earn acceptance to their top-choice US universities. You will be supported by a team to receive personalized and extended guidance on critical components of your application, such as your extracurricular profile and personal essays.


IvyPrep focuses on helping you acquire both the content and the skills needed for ACT — from building your grammar and mathematical knowledge, to reading complex prose and scientific diagrams effectively. 


Grounded in real ACT examples, instructors will show you how an expert would approach the questions; thereafter, you work on real ACT problems — with the instructor there to correct, encourage, and clarify.


You will work one-on-one with ACT subject matter experts. Through targeted conceptual classes, practice problems and feedback, you will gain the confidence you need to do well in this test.

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Track Your Progress And Improve Your Scores

Empowering you with greater autonomy with an online learning platform that identifies your areas for improvement and recommends areas of focus to achieve tangible results.

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A previously unimaginable score

Y.O., Top 1% ACT Scorer, Hwa Chong Institution

I’d like to thank you for your wonderful (& enlightening) ACT lessons which effectively relayed concepts and clarified my doubts. Thank you for aiding me in achieving such a previously unimaginable score!!

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