What is the UCAT?

The University Clinical Admissions Test (UCAT) is a standardised test used for admissions into several U.K. medical schools. 

What is tested on the UCAT?
Section # of Questions Total Time (Mins) What It Tests Scoring
Verbal Reasoning 44 21 Ability to critically evaluate written information. 300-900
Decision Making 29 31 Ability to use complex information to make sound decisions and judgements. 300-900
Quantitative Reasoning 36 24 Ability to critically evaluate numerical information 300-900
Abstract Reasoning 55 13 Ability to use convergent and divergent thinking to infer visual relationships. 300-900
Situational Judgement 69 26 Capacity to understand real world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them.  Band 1 (highest) - Band 4 (lowest)
Who needs the UCAT? 

Applicants to the medical schools from the following universities are required to sit for the UCAT.

Singapore Medical Council approved U.K. universities
University of Dundee
University of Leicester
University of Birmingham
University of Liverpool
University of Bristol
University of Manchester
Cardiff University
Queen Mary, University of London
University of Edinburgh
University of Sheffield
University of Glasgow
University of Southampton
St. George’s University of London
King's College London

Other U.K. universities
University of Aberdeen
University of Newcastle
University of Nottingham
Durham University
Plymouth University
University of East Anglia
University of Warwick
Queen’s University Belfast
University of Exeter
Hull York Medical School
University of St. Andrews
Keele University

When should I take the UCAT? 

First UCAT date

July 26, 2021

Registration opens

June 2, 2021

Last UCAT date

September 29, 2021

Registration closes 

September 22, 2021

The UCAT can be taken any time during the testing window. We recommend registering for the test as early as possible to secure a testing slot. 


How do I register for the UCAT?
  1. Register for or sign in to your free Pearson VUE account
  2. Provide your full name and other identifying information — this must be exactly the same as seen on your photo ID — as well as the schools you are applying to
  3. Select your test centre, test date, and test timeslot
  4. Make payment, and check out
  5. Receive the appointment confirmation email from Pearson VUE
  6. Print out the confirmation email. Make sure to bring the confirmation email and your photo ID on the test day!
Where can I take the UCAT?
Here are the UCAT testing centres in Singapore. Note that not all test centres are available for all dates. Click here for the latest information.

Pearson Professional Centers-Singapore
51 Cuppage Road, #05-02/03/04, Singapore 229469

Ingram Micro Asia Ltd
205, Kallang Bahru, #02-00, Singapore 339341

NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd
NTUC Trade Union House, 73 Bras Basah Road, Level 3, Room 3J, Singapore 189556


Score Percentiles

The UCAT gives you a percentile ranking for your composite score (out of 3600), excluding Situational Judgement. Your percentile rank tells you how you did on the UCAT compared to other test-takers. For example, if you have a percentile ranking of 90, it means that you scored higher than 90% of other students who took that test. Your exact percentile ranking can be found using the percentile lookup tool here.

These are the results from the 2020 UCAT administration. 

Percentile Ranking

Composite Score (excluding Situational Judgment)



















In general, we recommend that students score at least 2700, and at least Band 2 for Situational Judgement.


To do well in the UCAT, you need to do all of these things, and IvyPrep can help.

  1. Verbal Reasoning: Know how to read the passages strategically and answer the questions efficiently.
    IvyPrep’s classes will teach you how to effectively look for verbal information in the passage using our tried-and-tested strategy.

  2. Decision Making: Familiarise yourself with all the question types in this section, and the strategies required to solve each question type.
    IvyPrep’s classes will systematically break down every single question type and how to tackle each one of them.

  3. Quantitative Reasoning: Make accurate mathematical calculations and answer questions efficiently.
    IvyPrep’s classes will teach you the required mathematical knowledge and show you how to find the correct answer in the shortest amount of time.

  4. Abstract Reasoning: Cut through the overwhelming visual noise and spot the relevant patterns and sequences effectively.
    IvyPrep’s classes will show you how to efficiently sort through the visual information in this section, helping you to get the most number of correct answers in the limited amount of time allocated for this section.

  5. Situational Judgement: Familiarise yourself with the code of ethics required for doctors and medical students.
    Through realistic scenarios, IvyPrep’s classes will help you understand the thought processes medical personnel undergo when faced with difficult situations on an everyday basis, and the appropriate actions to take when faced with these situations.

  6. Practice, practice, practice.
    IvyPrep’s proprietary online learning platform contains hundreds of practice questions for your practice, full-length section practices for each section, as well as three full-length practice tests.

IvyPrep’s expertise can help you achieve your dream score! For more information, get started with a free initial consultation with one of our UCAT experts.