Oxbridge Interview Prep

Did you receive an Oxbridge interview invitation? Congratulations! The interview process may seem daunting, but we have a few tips to help you prepare.


Why does Oxbridge interview?
Interviews are an opportunity for university tutors to assess your passion for your subject, your critical thinking skills, and your academic potential. Tutors will get to know you outside of your personal statement and grades as they will have the chance to see whether you have the intellectual vitality and analytical skills to thrive in response to the teaching methods used at Oxbridge. 

Who will be my interviewer?
Your interviewers will be academic tutors that may potentially be your future tutors. The tutors teach and do research at the university. 

What are Oxbridge interviewers looking for?
Interviewers are looking for promising applicants that are intellectually curious with thoughtful, well-communicated answers. 

Be yourself! Besides problem-solving and analytical reasoning, authentic enthusiasm for the subject is an important factor as well.

What questions will Oxbridge interviewers ask?
Interviews are predominantly academic and subject-specific to assess your understanding of the subject and suitability to study it at Oxbridge. You can expect a challenging discussion related to your chosen course which may include some background knowledge of the field, your academic interests, career aspirations, and why you want to attend Oxbridge. 

As interviewers will test your ability to think independently, there may not be a right or wrong answer to the questions asked. The thinking process towards reaching your answer is more indicative of your academic potential and whether you are able to conceptually engage with new ideas.

How should I prepare for my interview?

  • Re-read your personal statement. Some tutors may refer to your personal statement and reading that you mentioned, so be prepared to talk about it. 
  • Check the course syllabus. Read about the modules and have a brief idea of the learning outcomes and course goals. 
  • Be up-to-date with background knowledge. Think critically about any reading or recent news that are relevant to your subject. 
  • Think about why you are applying for the subject and Oxbridge. Articulate your genuine interest to highlight your understanding of the subject and course. 
  • Practice! Try to develop clarity when structuring your answers and be confident. 


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