Student Journeys

For the last 10 years, IvyPrep has helped thousands of students achieve their educational goals and dreams. We work with students from all backgrounds to convey what they uniquely have to offer to universities. Read some of their journeys below to understand how we helped them!



University: Columbia University (Columbia-Sciences Po Dual BA Program)
Education Path: International School > National Service > US University
Journey at IvyPrep: US Consulting

A.B. signed up with IvyPrep when he was in National Service needing guidance on his US applications. After submitting an application in the previous year, he had a change of heart about his major and wanted to pursue business instead of medicine. He came to IvyPrep because he was unsure how to create a strong candidate profile and needed help navigating the application process while balancing his NS commitments.

Although A.B. was deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and social justice, it was difficult to contextualize his impressive record of volunteer activity. To highlight his dedication, we worked closely to explain the impact of his extensive experience as one of the key aspects of his application.

We went through multiple drafts of his essays to ensure his application was thoughtful, eloquent, and reflected his values. Our insights helped him create a successful application that reflected his philanthropic background, his passion for business, and his knowledge of his target universities.



University: Oxford University
Admissions Results: Oxford University, Imperial College London, University College London, Warwick University, UC Berkeley
Education Path: Junior College > NS > UK University
Journey at IvyPrep: US & UK Consulting

R.S. began working with us in July on both his US and UK applications. He has a strong academic background that is complemented by his extensive extracurricular activities in STEM. However, his profile had a singular focus and he asked us for help on demonstrating a well-rounded profile. He was certain he wanted to pursue biochemistry but was not sure where he wanted to go for university.

Both his UK and US applications reflected that he was a thoughtful, well-read candidate that was interested in applying biochemistry to social causes. Our first session gave him insights into different higher education systems and advised him on avenues to continue his research based on his academic aspirations. Next, we planned separate application strategies for the US and UK; US applications are more holistic while UK applications are solely focused on your subject of interest. In order to help him showcase his personality and academic goals, we went through rigorous feedback sessions and numerous drafts to highlight a cohesive and effective path of impact for both applications.

R.S. was thrilled with his admissions results and chose the university that was best suited for his goals.



University: Cambridge University
Admissions Results: Cambridge University, Warwick University, Bristol University
Education Path: Junior College > UK University
Journey at IvyPrep: UK Consulting

N.L. came to us in February to start his application early and strategize how he can stand out in the admissions process. He was passionate about economics and understood the competitiveness of applying to Oxbridge universities. During NS, he spent his free time pursuing various topics in the subject, participating in podcasts and proactively taking online courses. However, he was unsure which extracurricular activities to feature in his personal statement.

After compiling his significant accomplishments together, he worked with IvyPrep to articulate his deep interest in economics and simultaneously highlight his goal to create social impact.

In preparation for his Cambridge interview, we helped him understand the interview process and clarified what admissions tutors are looking for. Through mock interview practice, we provided him with concrete feedback to improve on applying knowledge in unfamiliar scenarios as well as perfecting his speaking skills. N.L. gained admissions to all of his target universities and was very happy with his results.



University: Dartmouth College (Early Decision)
Education Path: Non-Singaporean High School > National Service > US University
Journey at IvyPrep: US Consulting

B.K. began working with IvyPrep to improve his chances of gaining admissions into an Ivy League university. He obtained a high IB score along with having impressive leadership roles within his school. His academic record was consistent and reflected his passion for STEM. Beyond school, he was involved in community projects and obtained medals in national competitions for coding, mathematics, and sports.

B.K. was confident in his academic profile but needed help with creating compelling applications. He was initially uncomfortable talking about himself which was reflected in his writing. We helped him overcome his initial hesitations through rigorous self-reflection and worked with him to establish a strong presence in his writing. Strategizing on structure, content, and tone was crucial to ensure that his supplement essays reflected his compassion and unique insights. His hard work paid off when he received his acceptance to his dream university!