Medical Shadowing

Getting a medical internship can significantly improve your medical school application, as these experiences demonstrate proactiveness and interest in the medical field. Here are some tips to help you get a medical internship.

  1. Figure out your speciality of interest. Think about the medical speciality which you are interested in: be it cardiology, radiology, or oncology. You can start by reflecting on which area of the human body you are most interested in, and searching for opportunities in that field.
  2. Talk to your peers. Start a network with your other friends who are also interested in applying to medical school. Through this network, you can coordinate opportunities to intern at various medical institutions. Working together with your peers at a medical institution can also make the internship a lot more interesting!
  3. Look for mentors. Mentors can guide you through the complicated process of applying for a medical internship, and give you valuable tips and advice in your medical school application journey. IvyPrep can connect you with our network of mentors to give you additional support in your medical school application.
  4. Don’t overlook the mundane. Often, an internship with your general practitioner can be just as valuable as an internship with a high-profile doctor in a hospital. Medical schools want students who are not just attracted by the most glamorous aspects of medicine, but can also handle the prosaic day-to-day work that doctors undergo.
  5. Don’t just do, think. Reflecting upon what you want to get out of your medical internship is often much more valuable than the experience you get out of the internship. Keeping a journal of your reflections about your experiences can not allow you to learn more about yourself and what you want out of medicine, but can also provide you with a valuable starting point for your UCAS personal statements.

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