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IvyPrep MBA Admissions

MBA Application Consulting

Top-Choice Consultancy for Singapore-Based Professionals

IvyPrep MBA Consulting
For the 2018/2019 Application Cycle
MBA Admissions Consulting
Developed By Singaporean Ivy League Graduates

IvyPrep is the preferred MBA admissions consultancy among high-performing Singapore-based executives working professionals. Designed by Singaporean Ivy League graduates, our MBA Consulting program systematically deconstructs for you the structure of the MBA application process, and helps you understand what MBA schools are really looking out for – in your resume, your essays, and your interviews. Using our vast accumulated experience about admissions at top-tier B-schools, we have designed a winning application framework that guarantees your best foot forward in your upcoming MBA application cycle.

IvyPrep Consulting Framework
Three Stages of MBA Application Consulting

IvyPrep MBA Admissions Consulting

A Winning Framework for Singapore-Based Professionals

Your Trusted Partner in MBA Admissions
Expert Insights that Lead to MBA Admissions Success

With unique experience and insight into MBA applications, IvyPrep’s team of admissions consultants are an invaluable resource to help you apply to the world’s top MBA programs. Having worked exclusively with applicants based in Singapore and across Southeast Asia in multiple application cycles, we have a clear understanding of what B-schools look for when they recruit applicants from the Southeast Asian region. Whether you’re an English school teacher or an biomedical engineer, a human resource manager or a bulge bracket investment banker, we know how to help you position your candidacy for MBA admissions success.

Key Dates

Round 1 Deadlines

September 2018

2018/11/01 00:00:00

Round 2 Deadlines

January 2019

2019/01/01 00:00:00
IvyPrep MBA Consulting Framework
Three-Stage Consulting
Stage #1
Application Strategy

The first stage of our application consulting framework involves a detailed analysis of your profile, including an honest assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and possible areas of improvement.


We will advise you on key application issues like GMAT/GRE exams, your undergraduate and post-graduate academic portfolio, extracurricular and leadership activities, community service and civic engagement, leadership experiences, research wirk, and career trajectory and goals.


By determining your current strengths and identifying possible weaknesses in your candidacy that can be immediately addressed with steps, we will help you develop a highly-compelling application candidacy.

Candidate Profile Analysis
Formulating Your Winning Application Strategy


Application Profiling


✓ Undergraduate Academic Experience
✓ Extracurricular Experience
✓ Professional Career Trajectory
✓ Leadership Experiences


MBA Profile SWOT Analysis


✓ Strengths & Weaknesses
(Academic, Professional, Leadership)

✓ Opportunities
(MBA and Post-MBA Goals)

✓ Threats
(Recommended Areas of Improvement)

Stage #2
Application Essays

Masterfully-written essays are the backbone of every winning MBA application. Through a series of one-on-one consulting sessions, we will identify the most inspirational and engaging moments from your personal life and professional life, and turn them into compelling prose – thematically layered in complexity. These essays will showcase your distinct narrative voice and, more importantly, your unique personal perspectives in the different facets of your life. In the context of your overall application, the narrative details in your essays will strategically accentuate every outstanding attribute of your application candidacy.


During the brainstorming and outlining stages, our expert guidance will help you set clear direction and purpose for each of your essays, saving you valuable time and effort, and helping you circumvent the most common and the most fatal of errors in application essay writing. In the writing and editing stages, we will zoom into the finer aspects of your writing, including grammar, sentence structure, diction, paragraph flow, and the overall color and style of your writing. In the polishing stage, we will add the final glosses to your essays such that they emanate a sweet aftertaste – making them more memorable, distinct, and altogether impressive.

Your MBA Application
Essays, Resume, Recommendation Letters


MBA Application Essays


✓ Career/ Professional Goals Essays
✓ School “Fit” Essays
✓ Academic Interest Essays
✓ Teamwork and Leadership Essays
✓ Extracurricular / Community Essays
✓ Personal Background/Interests Essays



✓ Brainstorming & Outlining Essay Ideas
✓ Comprehensive Essay Editing


Resume & Recommendation Letters


✓ Guidance on Resume Writing
✓ Guidance on Recommendation Letters



✓ Resume Editing and Polishing

Stage #3

Admissions interviews are the final component of your application. Using question sets that have been intelligently-sourced from previous applicants to your selected MBA programs, we will ensure that you are comprehensively prepared for your MBA interviews. You will enter your interview rounds with perfect confidence that your MBA program research is holistic and that your prepared interview responses have been fully refined.


Our work ends only when you have received all the admissions results. If applicable, we will help you confidently navigate the waitlist stage. When the finalized list of MBA offers in front of you, we provide honest and objective advice for applicants who need to choose from a full list of world-class programs. If desired, we will further assist you as you compete for highly-prestigious scholarships for your MBA study offered by the university, or by top-tier governmental or private organizations.

The Post-Application Game Plan
Interviews, Waitlist, University Selection, Scholarships




✓ Mock Interview Practice Session
✓ Saying What Matters Most
✓ Interview Presentation Style
✓ University and Interviewer Research


Waitlist Assistance


✓ Brainstorming Waitlist Letter
✓ Comprehensive Letter Editing


MBA Program Selection


✓ Evaluating Your Acceptances and University Choices




✓ Scholarships Application Advising

Key Consultation Topics

Stage 1: Application Strategy

✔ #1: Crafting a Successful Application
✔ #2: Your Profile (Academic)
✔ #3: Your Profile (Extracurricular)
✔ #4: Your Profile (Leadership)
✔ #5: Your Profile (Community Service)
✔ #6: Your Profile (Future Goals)



Stage 2: Your MBA Application

✔ #1: MBA Essay Writing
✔ #2: Resume Writing
✔ #3: Recommendation Letters



Stage 3: Post-Application

✔ #1: Final Application Check
✔#2: Interview Preparation
✔ #3: University Selection

IvyPrep U.S. Application Resources

Insider Guides

✔ #1: Recommendation Letters
✔ #2: Effective Essay Writing Techniques
✔ #3: 2018 MBA Essays
✔ #4: University Interviews
✔ #5: Waitlist Essays



Application Worksheets

✔#1: Profiling Strategy
✔ #2: Professional Career History
✔#3: Academic & Extracurricular History
✔#4: Recommendation Letters
✔#5: Essays Brainstorming
✔#6: Interview Preparation

Packages & Registration
Unlimited Consulting & Editing Sessions.



S$3,450 Inclusive of all consulting materials.

Targeted consulting for your top-choice MBA school.



S$4,950 Inclusive of all consulting materials.

Intensive, focused consulting on three top-tier MBA programs of your choice.



S$6,450 Inclusive of all consulting materials.

Guidance across a balanced spread of “Dream” and “Match” MBA schools.



S$7,950 Inclusive of all consulting materials.

Complete guidance across your full range of “Dream,” “Match” and “Safety” MBA schools.

IvyPrep MBA Consulting
Online Registration

Part #1: Client Information

Part #2: Submit Form

After you click "Submit," you will receive email instructions on payment methods and completing your MBA consulting package registration.

IvyPrep MBA Consulting

Key Features

 Three Reasons Why Students Choose IvyPrep

Our Outstanding Record in Top B-School Admissions
Your Trusted MBA Admissions Specialists
Incisive Insights, Decisive Directions

Applicants choose to work with IvyPrep MBA consultants for the sheer precision of our insider insights into the highly-competitive MBA amissions process. Having worked with high-achieving professionals across every major industry, we are in an ideal position to advise applicants on how best to structure their profiles and beat the challenging admissions odds at top-tier MBA programs. Over the years, we have collected sufficient data points to paint a complete picture of what admissions officers at B-schools are looking for when they recruit students from Southeast Asia.


We are in a competitive industry where we are judged by our clients’ admissions results – and we are perfectly cognizant of this. Our successful track record speaks for itself: each application cycle, our tried-and-tested consulting methodology has helped dozens of clients produce winning applications that exceed the expectations of the admissions teams at top-tier B-schools.

Our Top-of-the-Industry Writing Experts
World-Class Editing by Professional Writers
Two Consultants. Twice the Effectiveness.

IvyPrep MBA consultants are seasoned professional writers, each with years of writing experience. As published authors of academic journals, editors of university newspapers, and writers at international news agencies, we are in an ideal position to advise you on how best to structure your application essays and cogently articulate your strengths.


For top-tier MBA programs, admissions success is never random. At IvyPrep, you will receive detailed help on your application profiling, essay writing, resume writing, recommendation letters and interview preparation. Your application work is constantly reviewed and refined by a set of two consultants. With two expert writers working closely with you at every step of the way, we’ll make sure your application essays are perfected before you hit the “Submit” button.

Our Winning Formula for MBA Admissions
Expert Application Insights on MBA Admissions
Comprehensive Guidance to Every Top B-School.

Our clients also receive access to our MBA program-specific guides, informed by firsthand insight from current students, alumni, program representatives, and admissions officers. Whether you’re writing application essays to HBS, Sloan, Wharton, Haas, Stern or INSEAD, you will have a comprehensive description of the most defining aspects of each of your target B-school, including its academic environment, college traditions and culture, clubs and communities, and research and social facilities.


We have specially crafted and updated our in-house guides each application cycle to keep up-to-date with the latest admissions trends. In short, we have done all the necessary research for you. At the end of our consulting program, you will craft an outstanding set of applications of such distinction and finesse that is, without doubt, worthy of top B-school admissions.

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