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Meet Neill!

Inquisitive and thoughtful, Neill already had some great leadership experience at the beginning of his journey, from running his family business to planning large-scale events during his NS years. But he worried about his A-Level results, which were on the low side for the schools he was applying to. He also had limited experience with creative writing, and wanted help putting his essays together.

01 IvyPrep Journey

Neill signed on for US consulting, trusting our experts to help him prepare his applications and make informed decisions about where to apply to.

02 US Consulting

Our College List tool and discussions with the Consultant helped Neill identify a list of schools that represented ambitious yet considered options for him, based on his academic profile and his academic interests. Then, our Personal Story Writing tasks helped guide Neill through the step-by-step process of identifying and shaping compelling stories for each of the essays in his application.Ultimately, Neill wrote a compelling essay that tied together his experiences working at his family’s convenience store and then, later, living among other soldiers in the Army. These experiences pushed him outside of his comfort zone and taught him important lessons about remaining grounded and striving for excellence while supporting others.

03 Result

Northeastern University

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