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Meet Celine!

Respectful, motivated and bright, Celine wowed us with her profile as a dutiful volunteer and a high achiever. We were interested to learn all about the social entrepreneurship club she led, and impressed that she’d entered the John Locke essay competition, even winning a commendation. Still, Celine wanted to ensure she was ready to apply to rigorous and selective UK universities.

01 IvyPrep Journey

Working with Celine on her applications allowed us to delve deeper into the different elements of her profile, kickstarting her journey of self-discovery as she worked to meet UCAS deadlines.

02 Oxbridge Consulting

Through our Personal Stories task, Celine took a step-by-step approach of identifying and shaping her personal narrative, guided by our experienced consultant. Ultimately, she wrote an amazing personal statement about urban planning in East Asia, green entrepreneurship and the impact of extreme wealth on the environment and the economy.

03 Result

It was a total pleasure to work with Celine, and we wish her all the best at the London School of Economics, where she will be studying Business Management!

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