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Meet Alana!

A friendly and earnest student, Alana came to IvyPrep with a strong academic profile and unique activities including karate. She was worried about not having enough honors to put on her profile, and about meeting the various deadlines for US universities.

01 IvyPrep Journey

Alana signed on for US and Oxbridge consulting, working with our experts to come up with a shortlist of dream schools and refine her profile towards these goals.

02 Application Year

Despite the many obligations of her final year in school, she worked with IvyPrep to find schools that interested her, and ultimately wrote a great CommonApp essay about how karate built her self confidence and her sense of community. Using our brainstorming sessions, she was able to pinpoint a passion and express herself, ultimately coming up with something authentic and unique.

03 Result

Alana will be attending the London School of Economics to study Law. We’re wishing her all the best!

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