Oxbridge insiders’ guide: Summer Crash Course

Your comprehensive deep-dive into the Oxbridge admissions process

From fictional references across novels and movies to their unwavering predominance in just about every academic sphere, Oxford and Cambridge have been depicted time and again to feel impossibly out of reach. In reality, however, much of the reason qualified students fail to gain acceptance to one of these leading institutions boils down to a simple lack of strategic flair.

With 70 semi-autonomous constituent colleges and 10 academic divisions between them, aspiring Oxbridge candidates are left spoiled for choice, injecting an additional layer of difficulty into the overall admissions process. Having a chance at acceptance thus means re-engineering this process from the inside out, dissecting the strategic nuances that could tip the scales in your favor.

Academic performance is merely the beginning – from your choice of course and supercurricular commitments to testing strategies and interview methodologies, no consideration can be left unturned.

Dates: 23 & 24 April 2022 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10am – 1pm


Tapping into our decade’s worth of admissions consulting experience, our Oxbridge specialists have distilled one of the world’s most competitive processes into three digestible subject-based modules, which we now hope to share with you. As they take you through each and every application component, you’ll also have the space to ask our specialists any burning questions you may have about their far-reaching cumulative experiences at Oxford, Cambridge, and beyond.

Daunting as the process may have seemed at first glance, the confidence and know-how you’ll gain over the duration of this course will give you every reason to start.





  • Insiders’ Guide to Oxbridge
  • Introduction to Oxbridge colleges, admissions rates, admissions tests, the supervision system & more
  • Walkthrough of Oxbridge admissions process
  • Deep dive into the Personal Statement
  • Walkthrough of exemplar Oxbridge Personal Statements
  • Identifying core elements of successful Personal Statements

10.00am - 12.30pm

  • Applying to Oxbridge vs other top UK unis
  • Key differences in the admissions process between Oxbridge and other UK unis
  • Important considerations when determining your UCAS list (e.g. subject requirements, typical offer conditions)
  • Deep dive into Supercurricular Activities (SCAs)
  • Introduction to supercurricular activities
  • Understanding the role of supercurricular activities in an impactful UK application
  • Examples of effective supercurricular activities

12.30pm - 1.30pm



  • Determining your UCAS list 
  • Ensuring alignment across all 5 choices
  • Ensuring sufficient balance across typical offer conditions
  • Developing your Personal Statement (Part 2)
  • Taking stock of your subject-related exploration
  • Extracting supercurriculars from personal activities
  • Setting goals for future supercurricular undertakings

1.30pm - 4.00pm

  • Developing your Personal Statement (Part 1)
  • Introduction to the Personal Statement Outline
  • Defining your core personal academic themes
  • Brainstorming personalised opening and closing paragraphs for the Personal Statement Outline
  • Developing your Personal Statement (Part 3)
  • Brainstorming key ideas for body paragraph(s), drawing from supercurricular elements
  • Developing your body paragraphs for the Personal Statement Outline


Consisting of eight exam prep lessons, the OxbridgePrep BMAT Masterclass is designed for BMAT test takers who prefer a comprehensive coverage to every BMAT segment.


The OxbridgePrep Private Tutoring course is designed to allow the flexibility for students to focus on their key areas of weaknesses.


Encompassing everything from courses to supercurricular activities to personal statements, our Oxbridge Insiders’ Program is designed to be your ultimate jumpstart to the Oxbridge admissions journey. Now is the perfect time, too: with the summer months ahead, you can capitalize on the flexibility of school-free days to set the groundwork for your final application materials.

Putting yourself out there by applying to some of the world’s foremost universities is no doubt a daunting task. Rest assured, this two-day course will provide you the conviction and know-how to hit the ground running.

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30 JUL 2022, SAT
10AM – 4PM

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Personal statement

31 JUL 2022, SUN
10AM – 4PM


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B.A., University of Cambridge

Stanley has a Bachelor’s degree in Law as well as an Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching at Cambridge University. As a believer in lifelong learning, Stanley recently completed a Master’s degree in Individual and Organisational Psychology from INSEAD and is currently undertaking a Masters in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford University.

Stanley feels particularly privileged to have had the opportunity to coach and mentor exceptional individuals from around the world for over 10 years including recipients of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award in the UK (in 2015, 2016 & 2017), in recognition of their contributions to their local communities.

Joey Lim

B.A., University of Cambridge
LLM, Columbia University

Joey graduated with a double first from Cambridge and was a James Kent scholar in Columbia. She topped the Singapore bar examinations and was called to the bar in 2019.

She is dedicated to helping others achieve their academic goals. She served as a student advisor while in Cambridge and often returns to her alma mater, Raffles Institution, to speak on university admissions.

Cai SiRui

Offer recipient of Oxford University’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics course (PPE)

Sirui recently graduated from Raffles Institution with perfect scores at the GCE Advanced Levels. She is waiting to begin her undergraduate studies at Harvard College, and was also admitted to Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, as well as Oxford University’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) course.

Sirui is passionate about sharing her experiences pertaining to school and university applications for the benefit of others who are embarking on a similar journey. She is currently also teaching secondary-level English as a substitute teacher at Raffles Girls’ School.



B.A., B.SC., M.A. and M.Sc., University of Pennsylvania

Matthias graduated from University of Pennsylvania with four degrees - BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, BSc in Economics, MA in Philosophy and Master of Computer and Information Technology. A SAF Overseas Scholar, Matthias contributed to the military's cyber security development through projects such as setting up of the Defence Cyber Organisation and building cyber security teams to safeguard Singapore's interests.

Matthias has helped students with varying academic interests and passions along their college applications journey. By leveraging his college and professional experiences, he aims not only to help students put forward their best selves in their applications, but also provide useful tools that will help them succeed beyond college.


B.A., Yale University

Qi Han graduated magna cum laude from Yale College with a B.A. in Economics and Distinction in the Major.

He is currently a Program Manager at Google, where he oversees scaled enablement and education programs to drive the adoption of latest data and tech tools across the Asia-Pacific region. Before the transition to the technology sector, he was a Singapore Public Service leader serving with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Development.

Qi Han is passionate about mentoring and coaching students. He is a member of the Yale Alumni Schools Committee and works with students across a wide variety of educational backgrounds to fulfill their potential in college and beyond.


B.A., Harvard College

Claire graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Harvard College with a B.A. in Social Studies.

She is currently a Policy Specialist at Google, where she develops/launches policies and processes to manage issues regarding content removal requests for the Asia-Pacific region. Before the transition to the technology sector, she worked in the Singapore Public Service in various ministries, including the Ministry of Health and Education.

Claire is passionate about mentoring students to discover their aspirations and strengths and take ownership of their education/career journey.


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