Is the SAT Still Relevant for US admissions?

From the closure of test centers during the pandemic, to colleges across the US adopting test optional policies, the SAT has been through a tumultuous few years. With all the academic and extracurricular considerations that students face worldwide, many have begun to wonder whether the SAT – once a bastion of the college admissions process – still has any bearing at all on their college applications.

Uncover the truth about the SAT with Alex, a graduate of Yale and UCL, as he unpacks the data behind the crucial importance of a stellar SAT score to your final university applications. As a 99th percentile SAT scorer himself, Alex will also share tips and strategies on how you can work towards achieving your target score.

Date: 11th June 2022, Sat
Time: 4pm-5pm (GMT+08)
Zoom webinar

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B.A., Yale University
M.Sc., University College London (UCL)

For his writing-intensive undergraduate degree in History at Yale University, Alex completed a senior research thesis examining the effectiveness of indiscriminate aerial bombing campaigns during the Second World War. More recently, for a Master's degree in Science and Technology Studies at University College London (UCL), he applied the techniques of data science to analyse online spam campaigns, and the methods of investigative journalism to dissect a global cybersecurity attack.

At IvyPrep, Alex has enjoyed helping a diverse range of students envision how their unique gifts, personal values, and long-term goals, can be married to specific opportunities in the world of tertiary education – and persuasively articulate this vision in their applications.

Alan Tang

Bachelor of Science in Economics, Concentration in Finance and Minor in History (2014), The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Masters in Computer and Information Technology, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Alan graduated magna cum laude on a Singapore Government Scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania, with a BSc in Economics with a minor in History, and a Masters in Computer and Information Technology.

Alan enjoys working at the intersection of public policy and technology. He is currently a Senior Product Manager at the GovTech Singapore, where he builds technology products and platforms for public good. Prior to this, he was a Cyber Threat Analyst at the Cyber Security Agency, where he worked on strategic initiatives to defend Singapore’s cyberspace. He also represented Singapore as a Delegate at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Alan is passionate about helping students discover new interests and expand their horizons through a deeper appreciation of the world around them.

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Date: 11th June 2022, Sat
Time: 4pm-5pm
Zoom webinar