Building a strong profile for your application

It takes hard work to get into your dream school.

While grades remain the predominant factor in the admissions process to top universities in both the US and UK, they only get your foot in the door. Beyond mere academic performance, admissions tutors are looking for evidence of intellectual and personal potential outside the realm of the classroom, curious about your own drive for growth and hunger for knowledge. To stand out from an ever-growing candidate pool, you will need to leverage your extracurricular / supercurricular activities and experiences to fashion a concise and persuasive application.

Join us on the 16th of July as Qi Han, a successful applicant to Yale and Oxford University, shares how you can strengthen your profile to boost your chances of application success.

Date: 16th July 2022, Sat
Time: 4pm-5pm (GMT+08)
Zoom webinar

Speaker profile

Wong Qi Han

B.A., Yale University

Qi Han graduated magna cum laude from Yale College with a B.A. in Economics and Distinction in the Major.

He is currently a Program Manager at Google, where he oversees scaled enablement and education programs to drive the adoption of latest data and tech tools across the Asia-Pacific region. Before the transition to the technology sector, he was a Singapore Public Service leader serving with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Development.

Qi Han is passionate about mentoring and coaching students. He is a member of the Yale Alumni Schools Committee and works with students across a wide variety of educational backgrounds to fulfill their potential in college and beyond.

Alan Tang

Bachelor of Science in Economics, Concentration in Finance and Minor in History (2014), The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Masters in Computer and Information Technology, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Alan graduated magna cum laude on a Singapore Government Scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania, with a BSc in Economics with a minor in History, and a Masters in Computer and Information Technology.

Alan enjoys working at the intersection of public policy and technology. He is currently a Senior Product Manager at the GovTech Singapore, where he builds technology products and platforms for public good. Prior to this, he was a Cyber Threat Analyst at the Cyber Security Agency, where he worked on strategic initiatives to defend Singapore’s cyberspace. He also represented Singapore as a Delegate at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Alan is passionate about helping students discover new interests and expand their horizons through a deeper appreciation of the world around them.

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Wong Qi Han

Date: 16th July 2022, Sat
Time: 4pm-5pm
Zoom webinar