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Read about N.L’s journey in pursuing his passion in Economics and applying to Oxbridge universities.

Pre-Uni School



N.L. studied at a junior college in Singapore.

National Service



N.L. came to IvyPrep early in February 2020 to work on his application and strategize how he can stand out in the admissions process.




N.L. is passionate about Economics and understood the competitiveness of applying to Oxbridge universities. During his time serving the NS, he pursued various topics related to Economics, participating in podcasts and proactively taking online courses. However, he was unsure which extracurricular activities to feature in his personal statement.

In view of all his significant accomplishments, he worked with IvyPrep to articulate his deep interest in Economics and highlight his goal of creating social impact.

He was offered an interview with University of Cambridge and in preparation for the interview, we helped him understand the interview process and clarified what the admissions tutors are looking for. Through mock interview practice, we provided him with concrete feedback to improve applying knowledge in unfamiliar scenarios as well as perfecting his speaking skills.

N.L. was admitted to all of his target universities and was very happy with his results.

Admissions Results







  • University of Cambridge, BA in Economics