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GIIS student dreams of becoming a criminal lawyer - How K.G. got accepted into Christ's College, Cambridge




We first met K.G. a few months after his graduation from GIIS, right before the start of his National Service. Although he had received firm offers from SMU and NUS, he had always dreamt of studying Law in the UK, with the hope of returning to Singapore as a criminal lawyer.

He voiced several concerns during his initial conversations with our Client Advisors, including the eternal question - “Do I choose Oxford or Cambridge?”. He also wanted to know how we could support him in developing his portfolio and preparing for interviews so he could appear a more developed candidate.




Staring down the face of BMT, K.G. was also wondering if he should even bother applying in 2021, or wait till the end of his first year of NS before putting anything to paper. After all, the common knowledge is that while the US accepts 2 year deferments, universities in the UK do not.

However, this is a misconception perpetrated by UCAS’ restriction on allowing students to apply for a multi-year deferment on the portal. Certain universities do allow for two year deferments, although it’s advisable to contact them directly to confirm their deferral policies.




S.S.'s dream school had been Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for a long time. His penchant for business pervaded from his academic choices in school, through to his extracurricular activities - his clubs, summer school programs, and internships all supported this strong academic and professional interest.




K.G. had scored a 45/45 on his IB, and our senior consultant recommended that he apply straight away, fresh off the back of his fantastic grades, and a strong super-curricular portfolio that he had cultivated during his time at school. Together, we explored the universities that would allow two year deferrals. Eventually, he settled on Christ’s College, Cambridge as his first choice. 

“My consultant was very helpful and knowledgeable, providing guidance to enrich my Capstone experience while also making sure I stayed on track. My Capstone experience allowed me to accomplish far more than I would have been able to do on my own.”

Ultimately, the insights learned from creating and managing the project, were key to H.X kickstarting her application a process – a journey that was yet to come.

interview preparation



Proactive from the get-go, K.G. signed up for our Comprehensive Oxbridge Consulting program, which included end-to-end support for course/uni selection, personal statement guidance, and interview preparation. Committing to everything well in advance allowed the senior consultant to start preparing him for the interview early on. We were also able to leverage on our existing network of mentors to help K.G. build the strong analytical and subject-specific academic skills necessary for the Cambridge Law interview. It goes without saying that K.G. aced his interview and was offered a seat by Chirst’s College, Cambridge University. Soon after he completes NS, he will be starting his undergraduate journey.

“My consultant was very helpful in helping me strategize the content I include in each essay to ensure that each school is able to see multiple areas I have shown interest or grown in. He was also very helpful and responded very promptly with feedback. The consulting program definitely helped me to get into my first-choice university.”