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Read all about H.X.’s journey towards her dream school, Carnegie Mellon University!

High School



H.X. attended a junior college in Singapore. She approached IvyPrep right before JC1, almost two years before her application deadlines.




Her diagnostic test score report indicated that she had a strong foundation in Math, but had several conceptual weaknesses in the English section. As a result, we recommended the English-only Masterclass

After attending all her English modules, H.X. spent the month before the test completing and reviewing a practice test every week. Her hard work paid off when she attained her target score of 1540, which put her in the 99th percentile. She saw a 170-point score improvement from her diagnostic test!




Curious to learn about how she could build a strong profile beyond grades, H.X. reached out to our advisors to understand what goes into a successful application.

Together, we personalized a multi-year admissions timeline aimed at strengthening her academic and practical interest in Finance. 




H.X. knew that she needed a high-effort, high-impact initiative to stand out from Singaporean applicants and aimed to build such a project through our Capstone Program.

We matched H.X. with a consultant that has decades of experience in the financial sector. Their 5-month collaboration culminated in an independent research paper about sustainable investments that was submitted to a top global wealth management company and was even acknowledged by their Asia CEO!

Reflecting upon her Capstone experience, H.X. said,

“My consultant was very helpful and knowledgeable, providing guidance to enrich my Capstone experience while also making sure I stayed on track. My Capstone experience allowed me to accomplish far more than I would have been able to do on my own.”

Ultimately, the insights learned from creating and managing the project, were key to H.X kickstarting her application a process – a journey that was yet to come.

U.S. University Admissions Consulting



From long-term community service activities to math Olympiads, H.X. clearly had several anecdotes to build on, but needed support weaving her experiences into a cohesive application. 

Our team-based approach allowed H.X. to leverage on the experience and input of several experts to guide her through the process. Our strategists provided subject-specific input at crucial junctures and her essays were scrutinized by our essay-review panel right up to the minute she hit send!

Speaking to how IvyPrep helped her during this high-stress application period, H.X. said,

“My consultant was very helpful in helping me strategize the content I include in each essay to ensure that each school is able to see multiple areas I have shown interest or grown in. He was also very helpful and responded very promptly with feedback. The consulting program definitely helped me to get into my first-choice university.”


  • Tepper School of Business, B.Sc Business Administration