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Read about A.B.’s journey in putting forward a strong candidate profile for his application to his target US university.

Pre-Uni School



A.B. studied at an International School in Singapore.

National Service



When he was serving his National Service, A.B. signed up with IvyPrep to seek guidance on his US applications. He had submitted an application in the previous year, but had a change of heart - he wanted to pursue another major instead of medicine.




A.B. was unsure of how to create a strong candidate profile and needed help navigating the application process while balancing his NS commitments.

Although A.B. was deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and social justice, it was difficult to contextualize his impressive record of volunteer activity. To highlight his dedication, we worked closely to explain the impact of his extensive experience as one of the key aspects of his application.

We went through multiple drafts of his essays to ensure his application was thoughtful, eloquent, and reflected his values. Our insights helped him create a successful application that reflected his philanthropic background, his community initiatives, and his knowledge of his target universities.

Admissions Results / Decision

  • Columbia University and Sciences Po, Dual BA Program