How an International Education Boosts Employability

How an International Education Boosts Employability

1. Broadens Your Horizons

Encountering people from different backgrounds and immersing yourself in a new environment allows you to experience things from a different perspective. As the U.S. is a melting pot of nationalities, ethnicities and cultures, you’re bound to interact with locals, as well as other international students, which teaches you to be tolerant of people with values and mindsets that are different from what you are accustomed to. With greater awareness and appreciation for diversity, it’ll be much easier for you to build professional relationships with future colleagues and overcome any differences you may face.

2. Expands Your Network

When you’re studying abroad, especially in the U.S., you get to meet and connect with people from all over the world. Whether it’s forming friendships or building professional connections, you will expand your network greatly when you meet people from different parts of the world. Make an effort to keep in touch with the people you meet, as you’ll never know when these connections may open up more employment opportunities for you in the future.

3. Develops Essential Life Skills

Experiencing a new country, taking in its culture and learning to adapt to a new environment – studying in a foreign country takes you out of your comfort zone. Having the ability and confidence to embrace new challenges like these are invaluable life skills that only studying abroad can provide. In addition, studying abroad demonstrates that you are able to adapt to changes and navigate a dynamic environment – qualities that are important in both your personal and work life.

4. Enhances Professional Development

These days, employers tend to look for people who are more culturally aware to build a more global workplace. A great way to contribute further to your professional development is to apply for an internship or work placement when you are abroad. This gives you the opportunity to hone your real-world skills and experience the local work culture, giving you an upper-hand when you return to Singapore. Not to mention, international companies here will also view your time abroad as an asset.

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