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ACT Exam Registration

Registering for the ACT

How do I register for the ACT?

Step 1:

Sign in to your free ACT account. If you don’t have an account, you should register for a new one here.

Step 2:

Provide your full name and other identifying information — this must be exactly the same as seen on your photo ID.

Step 3:

Select your preferred test date and testing center. Click here to find a test center near you.

Step 4:

Choose whether you want to take the ACT with or without the Essay.

Step 5:

Upload a photo ID that meets ACT’s specific photo requirements.

Step 6:

Check out, and print your Admission Ticket. Bring this with you on the test day.

What if I miss the deadline to register?

If you missed the regular ACT registration deadline, you can still register during the late registration period.


The late registration period typically extends for 14 days following the regular registration deadline. For the latest information, visit here.


You will have to pay a late registration fee of US$29.50 (on top of the regular registration fee).


The late registration process is the same as the regular registration process. See our instructions above on how to register for the ACT exam.