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ACT Private Tutoring

Customized Curriculum for Targeted Improvements

Advanced ACT Prep Curriculum

By Ivy League Graduates with Top ACT Scores.

For a Significant ACT Score Improvement

The IvyPrep ACT instructors are experts in their field and are among the world’s top standardized test takers who know exactly what it really takes to succeed on the ACT, a timed multiple-choice exam that’s known for its variability and challenge. With the strategy-based and concept-focused curriculum built from the knowledge of our curriculum writers, two Singaporean Ivy League graduates with perfect ACT scores, we have the highest-quality ACT prep course to help students meet their ambitious test score targets.

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ACT Private Tutoring Program

  • Target

    4 Hours

  • $$900
    • Inclusive of all materials
    • Recommended for advanced ACT students with targeted questions

  • Focus

    8 Hours

  • $$1,650
    • Inclusive of all materials
    • Recommended for students with prior ACT prep experience

  • Balanced

    16 Hours

  • $$2,850
    • Inclusive of all materials
    • The perfect balance between guided self-study and tutoring

  • Comprehensive

    24 Hours

  • $$3,950
    • Inclusive of all materials
    • A comprehensive review of the full ACT exam curriculum

Advanced ACT Prep Curriculum


Intelligent Data Analytics for All-Round Improvement.

The IvyPrep ACT instructors are goal-oriented trainers who will keep students motivated on achieving their ACT target scores. Drawing from their wealth of pedagogical experience and test-taking expertise, your ACT tutors will continuously track your performance using the data drawn from your practice question sets and ACT diagnostic exams.  During the tutoring sessions, your ACT tutor actively pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses, helping you build a customized game plan to help you reach your maximum score potential on your upcoming ACT exam day. Whether you’re just starting out on your ACT prep, or have given up on other prep methods and now seek dedicated attention from Singapore’s leading ACT exam prep specialists, your IvyPrep ACT tutors will work with you in full dedication until you reach your target ACT score.

What Students Receive

Study Material Designed by IvyPrep ACT Experts

IvyPrep ACT Complete Prep Series
(For Private Tutoring)

  • ACT Private Tutoring Class Notes
  • ACT Strategy Guides
  • Homework Assignments


Full-Length ACT Practice Exams
(with Detailed, Computerized Score Reports)

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Course Features

Full Time Educators, Admissions Exam Specialists

Our ACT instructors: (i) are among the world’s experts in the ACT exam; (ii) have a real love for teaching young adults; (iii) are actually pretty great at teaching.


With IvyPrep, you can expect only the very best in ACT preparation. Each member of our team has achieved a score in the top 1% for the ACT sections that he/she is teaching. We demand this level of perfection because we do not simply teach superficial tricks that only work only for the most basic, straightforward problems. Instead, we introduce you to original, sure-fire strategies leading to the highest scores on the real ACT.

Multiple Years of Dedicated Research
Rigorous Internal Testing, Realistic Prep Experience

Our ACT curriculum is the result of over 300 hours of research, discussion, improvement and question selection. Our dedicated ACT curriculum team consistently evaluates our ACT teaching methodology with input from our teachers – which means we are constantly improving it to give you an ACT prep experience of the highest quality.

We teach ACT concepts and principles illustrated by genuine past ACT questions created by ACT Inc. With genuine ACT practice questions and exam papers, we demonstrate how you should approach real ACT questions.

A Proven Framework for ACT Success
Designed for Students Applying to World-Class Universities

The ACT Masterclass Series is Singapore’s most-trusted ACT exam prep course. Designed by Singaporean Ivy League graduates with 99th percentile ACT scores, the ACT Masterclass represents a systematic approach towards ACT exam mastery.

Now in its eighth year, IvyPrep has established a national reputation for consistently producing Singapore’s top ACT students every year; since 2010, hundreds of IvyPrep’s students have achieved exceptional ACT scores of 33+ and above, placing them in the highest 1% of all test-takers worldwide.

Hear what our students have to say


Instructors all did very well

The Science, English (Grammar), and Reading were quite enjoyable. Math was challenging, but helpful. The instructors all did very well teaching their specific areas of expertise.

– Hannah S.
Singapore American School

“Well taught and good resources”

The class was well taught and provided us with good resources for the ACT. Our instructor also knew the course well and gave us frequent short breaks during lessons!

-Annabelle H.
United World College – East

Essential to do before the ACT exam

The Masterclass is a valuable learning program that is essential to do before the ACT exam. The instructor exhibited strong knowledge, and thoroughly covered plenty of practice questions during class.

– Andrew A.,
United World College –East

“Informative and Useful!”

Informative and useful! My teacher provided succinct information and delivered the lesson clearly. My favourite part of the course was being exposed to practice questions for the ACT.

– Valerie L.
Raffles Institution

“A previously unimaginable score!”

I’ve just received my Dec ACT score and it was a 35. It was quite an unexpected score for me and I’d like to thank you for your wonderful (& enlightening) lessons which effectively relayed concepts and clarified my doubts. Thank you for aiding me in achieving such a previously unimaginable score!

-Yvonne O., Top 1% ACT Scorer
Hwa Chong Institution

“A score like this would have been difficult for me without you!”

Thank you very much for all your help. A score like this would have been difficult for me without you!

– Panun. B., 35ACT score (Top 0.38% Globally)

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Free Consultation (1 hour)

ACT Exam Prep and Planning


Ask any questions about our ACT preparation courses. Our ACT exam specialist will also recommend the best ACT preparation plan for you, based on your current ability level, schedule, and score targets.

ACT Diagnostic Exam (3.5 Hours)

With Free Personalized Score Report


Measure your current ACT ability level with a full-length IvyPrep ACT diagnostic exam. Receive a free detailed, computerized score report, generated by the IvyPrep Performance Analytics software.

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