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About IvyPrep

IvyPrep was founded by a group of Ivy League graduates over a decade ago. Our founders navigated complex application processes to top schools, all while managing academic demands and extracurriculars. They realised how tough the journey was, and that’s why they endeavored to make it easier.

With the support of former admissions officers, as well as Ivy League and Oxbridge alumni, IvyPrep has accumulated years of knowledge and insight. We use this to guide students through every step of the application process. We break down the difficult, nebulous world of university admission to deliver unparalleled, bespoke support. We are here to equip students with the tools and the confidence to maximize their potential, and to achieve their dreams.

Our numbers at a glance

students coached for SAT, ACT, BMAT, UCAT, TSA exams
received offers to at least one top 25 US University
received offers to at least one top 15 UK University
approx more likely to receive offers to at least one Ivy League university with IvyPrep

Global average at approx 4 – 5%

approx more likely to receive offers to Oxbridge with IvyPrep

Global average at approx 17%

Why IvyPrep?

You want an admissions team to provide highly specialised and quality support, all while understanding the unique hurdles that your child has to go through. We offer just that.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team, ready to take on this journey with you and help you chart the path to your top choices.

Our Students

Learn more about our students’ journeys to their dream schools, and how IvyPrep played a part.

Our Results

The results speak for themselves. Take a dive into our track record of student success.

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