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IvyPrep’s “Beginning-to-End” Consulting Package ensures you have all the information and support you need to craft a strategic, competitive application to the world’s best universities. Our flat fee provides comprehensive guidance to all the major aspects of your application.

Take a look at the way we structure our “Beginning-to-End” package – we break down the application process into 8 major stages.


Pre-Application Preparation: Access to the IvyPrep Admission Guides
As our Admissions Consulting student, you gain access to more than 9 years’ worth of unrivalled research and resources, written by Singaporean Ivy League graduates and updated for the 2017/2018 application cycle. Begin with the UCAS Application Guide to help you kick start your admissions process. Continue with our UCAS Personal Statement Guide as well as our Oxbridge Admissions Guide if you are planning to apply to these schools.


Candidate Assessment
To put up a compelling application, you need to be sure that your application combines your best qualities and achievements. A highly trained IvyPrep Admissions Consultant will review your profile and provide clear, detailed feedback on what your strengths are and what you should highlight in your application. The Consultant will also review your choice of schools and majors to ensure that you are making the best choices for your undergraduate education.


Rigorous Essay Training: Writing Your Personal Statement
To put up a compelling Personal Statement, you need to know how to adequately demonstrate your intellectual capabilities and interest in your course of study in written form. We will show you how to craft the skeleton of an outstanding essay, detailing each paragraph’s form and function. We will also share with you on what we have found makes an excellent Personal Statement, based on our in-depth candidate research in applications across Southeast Asia and across multiple application cycles.


Securing Outstanding Recommendation Letters
Recommendation Letter Guidance is a commonly underrated and overlooked component. Strong recommendation letters can make the difference between an acceptance and a rejection. We advise you on how you can take charge of the quality of your recommendation without compromising the integrity of your teacher’s evaluation. We also vet any writing documents you submit to your teachers for your recommendation and call out any problematic paragraphs we may see in your writing.


Essay Brainstorming and Outline
We help you identify compelling experiences and achievements from your past to turn into your Personal Statement. We find that students tend to brush over their experiences outside of school classes because they are not sure that such things “count,” when such experiences are sometimes the very ones that might help them best exemplify their interest in their course of study. Using our research on past successful essays, we will help you confidently create your first draft.


Personal Statement Editing
After creating a Personal Statement outline, we provide a series of questions and comments to help you move your essay forward in big ways. After we are satisfied with the overall direction, we then proceed to editing sentence structure, essay organization, grammar and topic sentences without compromising your writing style. Finally, we ensure that your Personal Statement is within the word limit and we proof read your statement to make sure that the main ideas are unambiguous and compelling.


COPA Form Review (Optional)
The COPA Form, also known as the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application, is required for students applying to Cambridge. We will help you with any questions regarding filling out this application, as well as the additional questions that require complete essay responses.


Post-Application: Preparing for Oxbridge Interviews (Optional Add-On)
Our goal is to help you leave a memorable, lasting impression on your Oxbridge interviewer. In addition to an Interview Guide, we will provide you with a mock interview session and a post-interview evaluation. During the mock interview, one IvyPrep consultant you are not familiar with will conduct the interview. Your consultant will sit in and take note of your performance throughout the interview. This will allow you to hone your interview responses in a way that highlights your intellectual capabilities.

With an increasingly competitive U.K. university application landscape, you want to make sure you stand head and shoulders above your fellow candidates. To beat the admissions odds, applicants must learn to differentiate themselves in their profile, essays, and interviews.

At IvyPrep, we have worked with successful applicants from every major high school in Singapore, and we are in an ideal position to advise students on how best to structure their profiles and articulate their long-term goals for top U.K. universities.

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"Truly Insightful and Useful."

“Thanks for the well wishes! The admissions applications went well. I've been accepted into Queen's College for Law. I would really like to thank you and the team for all the help. It was truly insightful and very useful.”

-- N. Koh, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Oxford University (The Queen’s College)
Law, Class of 2017

"Couldn't have done it without your help!"

“Thanks so much for your help! I’ve received offers from Bristol and King’s, and I’m currently awaiting a reply from LSE… Just an update – I got accepted to LSE too, so I think I’ll go with LSE! Thanks so much for all the help and advice you’ve given me. I don’t think I could have done it without your help!”

-- L. Lim, Raffles Institution
London School of Economics (Law), Class of 2018

The IvyPrep admissions team comprises top graduates from the world's most exclusive universities, who possess years of unparalleled expertise in the U.K. undergraduate admissions process. Let us help you uncover and highlight your academic and extracurricular strengths to set you apart from the rest and help you to reach your chosen university.

At IvyPrep, we work exclusively with Singaporean and Asian applicants, and we have a firm understanding of what universities admissions officers are looking for when they recruit students from Asia. We have worked with successful applicants from every major high school in Singapore and around Southeast Asia, and we are in an ideal position to advise students on how best to structure their profiles and articulate their long-term goals for top U.K. universities.

At IvyPrep, your application work is constantly reviewed and refined by a team of two consultants – who offer an unparalleled 48-hour turnaround time. With our expert consultants working closely with you at every step of the application, we’ll make sure your application is perfect before you hit the “Submit” button.

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