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Everyone’s Raving About IvyPrep

Click on the tabs to read what former IvyPrep students say about our SAT, ACT, and University Consulting programs.

“Answer questions more accurately and quickly.”


The Masterclass has helped me a lot, especially in guiding me with tips to answer questions more accurately and quickly. All the instructors are great and they are clear with their instructions and teaching.


Jerica K., Bellerbys College Brighton (UK), September 2017

“Strategies that I didn’t know before.”


It was very helpful; the Masterclass has taught me different strategies that I didn’t know before.


Z. T. Lim, Singapore American School, August 2017

“Clarify how the SAT works.”


I think that something really cool about this particular class is the depth of theory of solving SAT questions that is taught here. I think one of the instructor’s strengths is the ability to explain and clarify how the SAT works.


Ayush L., UWC East, December 2015

“Techniques I learnt really made doing the SAT a lot easier.”


The techniques I learnt during the classes really made doing the SAT Reading and Writing sections a lot easier. The instructor was engaging and humourous. His subtle jokes really made the class more enjoyable. He was very knowledgeable and knew the techniques very well. As for weaknesses, I really cannot find any. They were awesome!


M. Singh, Anglo-Chinese School Independent, November 2015

“New knowledge I could not encounter if I had just self studied.”


I gained new knowledge about the SAT that I could not encounter if I had just self-studied. The tips and tricks certainly gave me a boost on the exam day itself. The classes were packed with information that only experienced test-takers could share. The pedagogy was thorough and accessible, and the instructor was very insightful and entertaining at the same time. The hours in each class was time well spent.


M. Garda, SAT Score 2300 (Top 0.5% Globally), Raffles Institution, August 2015

“Learnt much more than when I did my own revision.”


I learnt much more than when I did my own revision. I enjoyed the hands-on exercises and learnt very good tips. The concepts were presented clearly, and there were adequate breaks provided throughout the lessons!


Chiang Y.L., SAT Score 2390 (Top 0.1% Globally), Hwa Chong Institution (University of Chicago), August 2015

“Our secret weapon!”


You really turned a spotlight on the SAT and how it works. Thanks for being our secret weapon!


Daryus M., 2340 SAT Score (Top 0.2% Globally), UWC Dover (UC Berkeley), May 2014

“Good technical grounding to tackle the SAT.”


The IvyPrep Masterclass really gives students a very good technical grounding to tackle the SAT. This really allows us to make rational decision rather than intuitive guessing. Thank you very much for your efforts over the past few weeks and for being such a patient and dedicated tutor! You helped me hit an all-time high on the SAT!


Augustine, SAT Score 2300 (Top 0.5% Globally), National JC, June 2013

“Choose answer choices that made the least assumptions.”


You taught me how to choose answer choices that made the least assumptions, and once I started looking out for specific evidence and eliminating irrelevant answer choices, I began to score higher.


Wong L., 2390 SAT Score (Top 0.1% Globally), Raffles Institution (Yale), May 2013

“Completely beatable through the right kind of practice.”


The instructor was able to identify very specific weaknesses and help me focus on improving the most vital aspects of the test leading up to the exam day. My biggest takeaway was learning how the math and writing portions of the SAT  were completely beatable through the right kind of practice – after incorporating the instructor’s tips and tricks, I ended up scoring 800s on both sections in my subsequent test attempt.


Daniel W., SAT Score 2300 (Top 0.5% Globally), Raffles Institution (UC Berkeley), April 2009

“I’ve never dreamt of such a score.”


I just got my SAT score today and the first thing I thought was that I really have to thank you! My WR score jumped from 710 to an 800! Seriously I’ve never dreamt of such a score so I have you to thank. It’s a 150 jump from the last time. I’m so happy.


Michelle, 2330 SAT Score (Top 0.4% Globally), National JC (Harvard University), October 2008

“It was amazing.”


As a senior who started late in preparation for the ACT, coming to IvyPrep truly made me confident in the test. It was amazing. The IvyPrep instructors explained every doubt and question clearly so that students were not left with any concerns.


Miran M., UWC East, August 2017

“Great tips to save time.”


The Masterclass was helpful and a great experience. The instructors were very thorough and had a great knowledge of standardized tests. Very helpful with Reading passages and provided great tips to save time in the exam.


Mitchell B., Singapore American School, August 2017

“A previously unimaginable score!”


I’ve just received my Dec ACT score and it was a 35 🙂 It was quite an unexpected score for me and I’d like to thank you for your wonderful (& enlightening) lessons which effectively relayed concepts and clarified my doubts.  Thank you for your clear explanations and guidance from the very beginning, and for aiding me in achieving such a previously unimaginable score! 🙂


Yvonne O., 35 ACT score (Top 1% Globally), Hwa Chong Institution, January 2017

“Essential to do before the ACT exam.”


The Masterclass is a valuable learning program that is essential to do before the ACT exam. The instructor exhibited strong knowledge, and thoroughly covered plenty of practice questions during class.


Andrew A., UWC East, April 2016

“Well taught and good resources.”


The class was well taught and provided us with good resources for the ACT. Our instructor also knew the course well and gave us frequent short breaks during lessons!


Annabelle H., UWC East, April 2016

“Informative and useful!”


Informative and useful! My teacher provided succinct information and delivered the lesson clearly. My favourite part of the course was being exposed to practice questions for the ACT.


Valerie L., Raffles Institution (JC), April 2016

“Instructors all did very well.”


The science, English (Grammar), and Reading were quite enjoyable. Math was challenging, but helpful. The instructors all did very well teaching their specific areas of expertise.”


Hannah S., Singapore American School, April 2016

“Very thorough.”


The sessions were very thorough. Focusing on my main weaknesses really helped. IvyPrep’s classroom is also conveniently located, and the course flexibility suits my schedule.


Moinuddin S., Chittagong Grammar School, December 2015

“A score like this would have been difficult for me without you!”


Thank you very much for all your help. A score like this would have been difficult for me without you!”


Panun. B., 35 ACT score (Top 0.38% Globally), UWC East, December 2015

“Thank you so much for your help!”


Very good. Lessons were well planned and strategies were very helpful. I managed to get a 33 for my ACT with a 10 on the Writing on my first try. Thank you so much for your help!


Jaime C., 33 ACT score (Top 1% Globally), Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), April 2015

Offers from Yale, Columbia, Cornell and UPenn!”


Thanks for all your help with the essays as well as with the interviews… I’ve decided to commit to Yale! They’re also offering me a chance to enrol into their Directed Studied Program for freshman year!


L. Wong, Raffles Institution (Attending Yale University)

“Unconditional offer by Oxford.”


Marvellous news: I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been made an unconditional offer by Oxford. Many thanks for working with me over the past 6 months!


L. Pan, Raffles Institution (Attending Oxford University, Economics & Management)

“Truly insightful and very useful.”


Thanks for the well wishes! The admissions applications went well. I’ve been accepted into Queen’s College for Law. I would really like to thank you for all the help. It was truly insightful and very useful.


N. Koh, ACS Independent (Attending Oxford University, Law)

“Offer From Caltech.”


Glad to share with you that my daughter has confirmed her offer from Caltech. Thanks a lot to you and your team for your guidance and support.


Sudha M., mother of Surya M., NUS High School (Attending California Institute of Technology)

“Duke, Brown, NYU, Columbia, and Stanford!”


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received offers from the following schools: UCLA, Boston University, USC, Duke, Brown, NYU, Columbia, and Stanford! Thank you so much for all your help! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done it without you.


N. Wong, ACS Independent (Attending Stanford University)

“Invaluable guidance.”


I would like to personally thank you for the invaluable guidance and help rendered during the application process. Your insights have been instrumental to my son’s success.


K. Tan, father of T. Tan, ACS Independent (Cross-admitted to MIT, Dartmouth, and NYU)

“Heartfelt thanks.”


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time and effort to guide and prep me throughout the entire university application period! I will always remember all your help.


N. Aw, NUS High School (Attending Stanford University)

“An absolute pleasure to have had such an aid.”


I am eternally grateful for the future you have helped me create for myself and for the opportunities made available to me now due to the professional work of IvyPrep. It has been an absolute pleasure to have had such an aid at such a crucial time in my life.


S. Noor, Haileybury College (Attending the University of California – LA)

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