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The course has been an enriching and rigorous one, yet relaxing and comfortable at the same time. At first it seemed like really information bombardment (haha!), but after that I realized that this course has taught me many useful tips and guided me on the SAT in a way much more relaxing than normal school curriculum teaches.
- Heather, Year 5 Student, Victoria Junior College, December 2012

Answered doubts and creative application techniques are covered by a dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable teacher.
- Glen, Victoria Junior College, October 2012

I learnt extremely useful tips and tricks that will definitely help on the SAT. The grammar section was especially memorable as it summarizes what we can expect on the real SAT. The template for the essay was another valuable tip that the knowledgeable Instructor gave.
- Wen Ji, Victoria Junior College, October 2014

The grammar and essay grading were really good. I learned lots of ‘cheats’.
- Rachel, Victoria Junior College, 2014