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Very good SAT course. Helped me to understand and learn the sound skills needed to do well. The tutor was very good with teaching. Helped us to understand things that appeared impossible at first glance.
- Raza, Year 11 Student, UWCSEA, January 2013

It was great that the classes are content-driven and not based on tricks. I learnt techniques used to get top scores and how I can use the SAT as a means to develop college-level skills.
- Arjun M., Grade 11, UWCSEA, October 2014

Classes were chill and there is only about 10 people, or less, in a class so everyone had the opportunity to answer questions.
- Yufan, Grade 11, UWCSEA, October 2014

The teaching is good and classes were interesting and loaded with examples. Very helpful. I thought I already knew everything before coming here but I really didn't.
- Shagun M., Grade 11, UWCSEA, October 2014

IvyPrep really taught me so much and has definitely increased my score from a really terrible one to a much better one. I am very happy with my improvement. In both Critical Reading and Writing, I have definitely increased my score. The instructor was confident, encouraging, funny, caring, sweet and always there if you need help. Thank you Mr. Sim!
- Naomi, Year 11, United World College (Dover), December 2013

The course is very broad and extensive. It introduces very specific and targeted approach to the SAT in which we look beyond the question to develop generic techniques, which prepares us for any question that we may encounter. The teacher tackles the SAT from a student’s perspective. He is very thorough, and understands the SAT very well. He gives multiple sources of revision and offers a flexible approach to learning.
- Hein, United World College (Dover), October 2013

Classes were really thorough and in-depth. The SAT tricks we learned were particularly helpful. The instructors knew all the content and showed us how to solve tricky questions.
- Ashwin M., United World College (Dover), November 2014

You really turned a spotlight on the SAT and how it works. Thanks for being our secret weapon!
- Dayrus M., United World College (Dover), May 2014, 2340 SAT Scorer

Overall, the course was very insightful. I learnt a lot of common tricks used during the SAT. I was very happy with the amount of practice I was given as well as the many notes about how the SAT asks questions and what I should do before the exam.
- Vanessa, UWCSEA, 2014

The lessons weren’t like school. It is worth the time as it really helped me to revise grammar and other topics that we might’ve forgotten.
- Amy, UWCSEA, 2014