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Encouraging, enriching, enhancing, elevating, eradicating (some of my SAT fears) and encouraging. The teacher is very aware of his surroundings, and genuinely concerned about our welfare and willing to go the extra mile. Overall, good teaching style – not once I did I fall asleep.
- Amadea, Year 12, Saint Andrew’s Junior College, October 2013

I can’t imagine how much time you devote to the classes. It’s pretty amazing that your lessons are never boring or dull at any point. I enjoyed attending your classes!
- Z.Z. Chua, Saint Andrew’s Junior College, May 2013

It was fun and it helped me to learn many new things. The tutor was quite interactive and understanding, which made the classes less boring while also being able to learn well at the same time.
- P. Lum, Saint Andrew’s Junior College, 2014

The tutor was skilful, humble and amicable. I liked being able to do questions on the spot.
- L. Sen, Saint Andrew’s Junior College, 2014