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The course is very helpful and reinforced certain tips that definitely helped. The Math classes really helped me improve my score in certain sections in terms of practice and familiarity.
- Amber, Year 12, Singapore American School, December 2013

The IvyPrep SAT Masterclass introduced me to new techniques for doing well on certain sections while rehashing techniques I already knew. My IvyPrep instructor is very gregarious and affable and does his very best to help all his pupils understand the techniques and practice questions discussed in class.
- Karel, Singapore American School, June 2013

I was very happy with every class and I especially love how helpful the textbooks are. The quizzes were useful as well as the tips and tricks for success.
- Hannah H., Singapore American School, November 2014

The tutor was very friendly and easy to understand, especially about the grammar lessons.
- C. Sakai, Singapore American School, 2014