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Mr Sim is rather engaging & I like how he tries to explain skills and approaches with examples. He comes across as one who’s well-versed with the SAT format and knows what he’s talking about.
- M.Y., Year 5 Student, Raffles Institution, December 2012

The course was concise and comprehensive, telling us what to focus on, so we do not have to waste time. How to maximize marks and time was a helpful aspect. The instructor is knowledgeable, particularly about the essay component.
- L. Ng, Year 5 Student, Raffles Institution, December 2012, 2250 SAT Scorer

The classes were generally interesting and helpful. The best part of the course are the helpful SAT tips that I would have otherwise not known if I did not attend the course.
- Liran, Year 5, Raffles Institution, December 2013

It was really helpful! The course was constructive in helping me prepare for the SAT. It was my first time studying for it. With the help from IvyPrep, I was able to get a clearer picture of what to do and how I should go about studying for the SAT. The lessons were enjoyable and the instructor was very effective in teaching. He was also very encouraging.
- Su Jin, Year 5, Raffles Institution, December 2013

It was an enriching experience where we learnt different techniques and learnt to think like the SAT graders. The best part, in my opinion, was seeing my own scores improve after applying everything that I learnt. The instructor was able to highlight the critical techniques required to score well.
- Sudeep, Raffles Institution, October 2013

The course is quite fun, and very useful for the SAT. Felt like it opened a sixth sense or a third eye, and my gut feeling has become more accurate, and I identify the correct answers more swiftly in the answer choices.
If I manage to get into my dream school, I would thank IvyPrep with all my heart. If not, I would still like to keep in touch because I believe IvyPrep tutors are all nice people 🙂
- Christina, Year 12, Raffles Institution, October 2013

I really benefited from the IvyPrep SAT Masterclass as I am now more aware of what I should do now till October to improve my score. In particular, the essay and grammar classes were really good.
- Gerald, Raffles Institution, Summer 2013, 2320 SAT Scorer

Classes are conducted in a systematic and organized manner. It helped me to approach questions in a proper manner and understand what the examiners want.
- Samuel, Raffles Institution, May 2013

One thing I really appreciate about our lessons is the lack of pressure to be right. It’s perfectly fine to make mistakes and that is the environment that I learn best in. The class is also perfect in the sense that it does not waste time on rudimentary concepts. Rather, we were given really useful tips to excel.
- Sharon, Raffles Institution, May 2013

The SAT Masterclass was very well-informed about the 'system' of SAT testing. Teachers were aware of common errors made by students.
- Anubhav, Raffles Institution, November 2014

I can't really pick a 'best part.' I liked all the lessons.
- N. K. V. Sam, Raffles Institution, November 2014

I enjoyed my experience here. The pace was good even though I signed up for the crash course in December. Instructor was lighthearted and fun. He was able to effectively and concisely explain the techniques involved in taking the SAT.
- Anuja, Year 5, Raffles Institution, December 2014

The writing classes were really well-organized and I think the way the error types have been broken down was extremely useful.
- Edward, Raffles Institution, October 2014

I gained new knowledge about the SAT that I could not encounter if I had just self-studied. The tips and tricks certainly gave me a boost on the exam day itself. The classes were packed with information that only experienced test-takers could share. The instructor, Ping Khuan, was very insightful and entertaining at the same time. Thank you for your help in preparing for the SAT!
- Muhammad Garda, Raffles Institution, October 2014, 2300 SAT Scorer

The instructor was effective in explaining grammar concepts and gave us very useful tips on understanding how SAT questions are structured.
- Vijay P., Raffles Institution, October 2014

I enjoyed being able to ask questions, online and offline.
- S. N., Raffles Institution, 2014

The class was useful, practical and exam-oriented with useful, standardised strategies.
- Peter Y., Raffles Institution, 2014