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The course is very fun and engaging, but also highly detailed and rigorous. Love it. The essay is the best part. It helped me loads and was highly entertaining, especially when different examples of essays were flashed on the board. Pure fun.
- Mary Grace, Secondary 4, Raffles Girls’ School, December 2013

The experience was fully beneficial. Not only was the course very informative, the teacher was very cheerful and ready to help me with my questions. He is very charismatic and thoroughly helpful. His mastery of English has benefitted my learning. It was an enriching course that also allowed me to be more aware of myself as I do my practice tests.
- Rachel, Secondary 4, Raffles Girls’ School, December 2013

The teacher explained the questions really carefully and thoroughly and was clear in his instructions and explanations
- H. H. Lam, Raffles Girls’ School, 2014