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I have forgotten how I ended up attending IvyPrep’s trial session but I must say that it was a stroke of luck that I landed there.
I was expecting a session choke-full of half-tips and cliffhangers that would compel us to sign up for the course before we were allowed to be privy to all these “secrets”. But what I got was the complete opposite.
The IvyPrep team pulled no stops in delivering the lesson. I learned a lot in that trial session, not only about the various techniques required in tackling the SAT but also about every SAT takers ultimate goal – admission into US universities.
The general feeling I got from the trial lesson was that these were people who genuinely cared and were people I could trust. I guess it is just a bonus that these nice people also happened to be extremely capable at the same time.
Just a few minutes into Ping Khuan’s lesson and I was already sold into signing up for the course. Ping Khuan isn’t some suave, smooth talking and slightly intimidating tutor one would expect of a perfect SAT scorer and Ivy League graduate. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. He sometimes stumbles, cracks awkward jokes and comes off as a nerd. But there are two things that I am certain of: he’s genuine…and he’s damn good at preparing you for the SAT. It almost feels like cheating ;p
- Julius, Nanyang Polytechnic, October 2012

Fun and actually maps out exactly what you need to practice in order to achieve a good grade on the SAT. Surprisingly, it makes the process much less stressful even for first time exam takers.
- Andy, Nanyang Polytechnic, June 2013

I found the classes engaging and enjoyable. The instructor taught me how to correctly approach questions rather than just “guessing” the answers. The IvyPrep “Ultimate Guide” was also very useful and captures the key concepts required to answer the questions.
- Jay, Temasek Polytechnic, January 2013

The classes were informative and taught me useful direct approaches for tackling questions. I found the grammar notes and Critical Reading tips very useful. Couldn’t be better.
- L. X. Tong, Singapore Polytechnic, 2014

The course was very enriching. I feel a lot more prepared for the exams now that I’ve gone through it.
- K. Y. Wang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 2014