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Info-packed 3-hour sessions, supplemented with real SAT examples. The classification of question types, errors and rules made studying and taking the test more systematic, and thus easier. The instructor relates concepts to examples well. Very well-referenced.
- Dion, Shanghai American School, October 2013

Attending the IvyPrep SAT Masterclass helped me understand a lot more on how the SAT is structured. It made me more confident that it is not impossible to achieve a high score.
- Eunice, Victory Life Christian School, October 2013

To be honest I was quite skeptical about the course at the beginning. But about halfway, I found that it really helped me significantly to improve my scores and to study smarter. Would I recommend this course? Yes! Prior to the class, my scores were stuck at about 18xx-19xx, but now I’m getting 21xx. I would say that I learnt the most for the writing component as it has helped me eliminate 2-3 answer choices at the first glance, thus saving me a lot of precious time. Ping Khuan is a great instructor and he is very willing to stay back after class to clarify any concerns.
- Bertrand, Victory Life Christian School, May 2013

The course guided me into the “SAT mindset” and the techniques taught were very specific to each SAT question types. After the course, I know exactly how to answer the different questions in each section. The highlight of the course to me was the lessons on the Writing section of the test, because it completely changed the way I write argumentative essays. The format taught was detailed and useful in dealing with the pressure of time constraint in Section One. The instructor is very willing to help us in the areas that we are struggling in and adapts the lessons according to our responses.
- Khulan, American International School (Mongolia), October 2013

A very beneficial SAT preparation class that does not only teach you how to tackle the SAT head-on, but more importantly, the philosophy behind the SAT – the tricks and trade of it. It’s definitely a very useful prep course that would help improve your SAT scores significantly. The instructor is very engaging and helpful, and sustained my interest throughout the course.
- Harith, Year 12 Student, Sevenoaks School, Summer 2013

The class was really helpful and entertaining, and it has helped improve my critical reading and grammar techniques tremendously. Thank you for all your instruction and advice you have given me all this time, especially the times where you shared your personal anecdotes! It was a tiring but fun two months!
- Gabriel, Meridian Junior College, June 2013

The course is really informative and it is very effective in teaching us the best way to study and prepare for SAT. The instructor knows the SAT inside out which is very reassuring.
- Nicole, Year 2, Yishun Junior College, June 2013

I had a good experience at IvyPrep, getting to know lots of tips and understanding the SAT exam style. My instructors knew all about the exam and gave me loads of useful advice.
- T. Yasdi, NPS International, 2014

It was effective as advice was given by someone who actually took the SAT, so I feel he had a better idea what to teach. A lot was taught in a short amount of time and the course is well-designed. The instructor was very helpful, always answered questions and interacted along the classes to keep us motivated.
- R.C., Year 11 Student, Overseas Family School, January 2013

The experience of taking the IvyPrep SAT Masterclass was good, and I could immediately understand the concepts that were taught during classes.
- Anuraj, Global Indian International School, November 2014

The SAT Masterclass provided a good refresher with a focused and fun environment to improve on the SAT. I obtained a firm grasp on the grammar rules of the SAT and learned a comfortable and systematic essay structure. Thank you for the recourse, and the results have proven its effectiveness.
- Andre, Shanghai Community International School, November 2014

The Masterclass was really fun and interactive. Our mentor was experienced and helpful to boot.
- S. Teoh, Year 4, Singapore Sports School, October 2014

The instructor was very direct and informative. There is no beating around the bush. I like the specific formulae given for certain segments. For me, the most useful part was learning how to master the SAT essay.
- Jasmir, Year 2, Jurong Junior College, October 2014

Before the class I didn't know how to study for the SAT and the reasons behind the wrong answers but the instructor used great examples, and was interesting and funny.
- Shu Min, Year 2, NUS High School, October 2014

The timings are great for my schedule and the small classes work really well. The instructors are also really interactive.
- Santhosh W., October 2014

Instructor was quite engaging and humorous at times. Explanations were detailed and I was able to understand clearly the important SAT problems.
- Mao Shuang, Tampines Junior College, October 2014

I feel that learnt things I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t taken the course. The charismatic teacher really captured my attention and gave detailed explanations for all my queries. Five stars.
- Austen Y., Law Student, 2014

Broke down questions easily and clearly, especially in the grammar section.
- Andarnan, St. Joseph’s Institution, 2014

The classes were convenient and effective. I learned some really good and useful points.
- A. Rao, 2014

What was the best part of the Masterclass? Everything. Lessons are well thought out and consistent. The tutor was good at analysing the questions and requirements of the SAT.
- C. K. Lee, 2014