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Lessons were much more intriguing than I’d thought (because the instructor is cool) and were indeed enlightening! I like the laughs during the lessons and the useful grammar tips. The instructor really knows his stuff well.
- X.H., ACS (Independent), December 2013

IvyPrep/Mr. Sim teaches the necessary skill sets required to score well on the SAT. This way of teaching is original and will by far, I believe, garner better results.
- Rex, ACS (International), October 2013

Very insightful. Really breaks down the SAT and tackles each component individually – makes everything seem conquerable and less intimidating. Mr. Sim knows what he’s talking about.
- Theodore, ACS (Independent), October 2013

It is a very interesting and enriching programme that had benefited me tremendously. The class timetable is very well organized and structured. The instructors are very professional and intelligent.
- Amanda, Year 6, ACS (Independent), May 2013

I feel that the SAT Masterclass is very concise yet extremely useful. In the past 6 weeks, I have learnt many useful tips to tackle the SAT. Furthermore, the IvyPrep book is good as it allows us to practise specific topics based on the levels of difficulty of questions.
- Y.M, Year 6, ACS (Independent), May 2013

Your lessons put me in excellent stead to take the SAT. I even found the experience remarkably enjoyable—haha.
- Kit Lea C., ACS (Independent), May 2014, 2330 SAT Scorer

I am glad that I signed up for the course because I learned many insightful tips and strategies.
- Maanasa S., ACS (Independent), November 2014

IvyPrep simplifies the SAT so that it does not seem so daunting.
- Melissa, ACS (International), November 2014

Lessons were thorough and informative. No fuss involved.
- Lionel, ACS (International), 2014

Classes were very efficient, useful and clear. Perfect for last-minute preparation.
- L. B., ACS (International), 2014

I think it helped me focus and learn strategies I would not have known otherwise, especially identifying grammar rules.
- Shriya M., ACS (Independent), 2014

The IvyPrep SAT Masterclass was an eye-opening experience that gave me a greater understanding of the SAT and its needs. The teacher taught skills well and I especially liked his explanations of critical reading.
- C.V. Gautam, ACS (Independent), 2014